Fatal collision with a moose, “a stroke of fate”

secours-utiliser-pinces-desincarceration-pour(Quebec) “It could have been anyone of us. This is really a stroke of fate. “Alain Lussier, founder of the Corvette Club Québec, the couple followed the vehicle died in the night from Saturday to Sunday after hitting a moose in the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve.

The man aged 58 and a woman of 53 years who died in the accident were in their first kilometers with the club. They were not yet members.

“He contacted me last week to take part in one of our activities,” said Mr. Sun Lussier, still shaken by the turn of events. “It was the first time he had an outing with us. He met with the day of the accident. He was not sure to follow us, but eventually he decided to ride with us. ”

As they do a dozen times each summer, members gathered to take part in a ride on their car. Around 9 am Saturday, the group of nine corvettes left Quebec towards Tadoussac for a dinner. The convoy was subsequently hit the road for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, where a dinner with friends was scheduled. It was about 22h that some members – five corvettes – took over the wheel to return to Quebec. Others preferred to sleep on site.

After a stop at The Stage, the five cars continued their way south on Route 175. The fatal accident happened around midnight about 45 minutes drive from Quebec City. It occurred at kilometer 112, where there is no security fence precisely to avoid that an original is found in the middle of the roadway. This is also an area considered “high risk.”

“There was a car in front of me and he [the couple] overtook me. It was about 115 km / h, remembers Mr. Lussier. The first car, who was also with us, saw moose was happening to the median, while the man is clear, clean and precise than it has ever seen. He never, never braked. All we have seen is a shard of glass and debris and moose that was right. It was a good buck. He had a good plume. […] Probably at the moment of impact, his foot remained on the accelerator as he continued his route in the left lane, “he adds.

Having caught the animal, the car crossed the median and ended up in the opposite direction to finally hit a rock face and stop his run on the roof in a ditch. “A pickup truck had to avoid the other side of the road,” says Lussier.

The other club members were then arrested for assisting victims. “I crossed the ditch and I went to see. Meanwhile, my friend communicated with emergencies. When I got close to the car, there was no sign of life. ”

Rescuers had to use the jaws of life to get out of the vehicle the two people, said Melanie Dumaresq, spokesperson of the Sûreté du Québec. “Their death was confirmed at the hospital.” No other vehicle was involved in the accident.

Serious person

Mr. Lussier ensure that alcohol is not involved. “It was a very serious person,” says the old retired policeman. “He was so happy to be with us. That’s what he told us. I even talked with his son today [Sunday]. I explained how the event happened. He had called that day to tell her how happy he was … It’s really a trick of fate. A moose at night, do not you see that … ”

To honor them, M.Lussier intends, and the remaining members of the Corvette Club Québec, to attend the funeral of victims Corvette.

The two occupants of the car were from Donnacona, Portneuf.

An investigation was opened, but “it would seem that no criminal element has played a role in the accident,” said MmeDumaresq.

Side of the Ministry of Transport spokesman Benoît Lachance was not able to explain why this part Sunday drive from the Laurentians Wildlife Reserve is not fenced.

Reportedly, several calls were made this week to report the presence of moose on the side of Highway 175.

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