Fatal fire in Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge

homme-perdu-vie-incendie-grandement(Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge) A man in his fifties died in the fire at his home Wednesday night in Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge.

Firefighters municipality received the emergency call at 22 h 45 and, upon arrival, two fighters went in search of the tenant, they found unconscious. They tried everything to revive him, said Lieutenant of fire safety service of Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge, Jean-Philippe Tetreault.

The victim was taken to hospital in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, where his death was confirmed, said the Surete du Quebec. The other tenants of the quadruplex were not injured in the fire, which caused extensive damage to the building.

The fire was brought under control only about 7 am Thursday. “The fire was taken in the attic near the gear and, with the electrical son, you could not get with aerial ladders says Lieutenant Tetreault. We were trying to move forward and send water but it did not work. The roof shingles were three or four layers, so it’s hard to cut, it’s hard to get up, that’s the big book. ”

The quadruplex, located right next to the school, formerly a general store. The building has also housed a bank.

From the initial call, the fire department Bedford and St. Alexander joined the fight against the blaze. With the heat, Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge did not hesitate to launch a general call for three other barracks to make more rotations between the sappers. Despite the precautions, a fire fighter had to be rushed to the hospital to treat heat stroke.

The cause of the fire remains unknown for now. An investigation will be conducted by technicians directed fire of Forensic Identification Service of the Surete du Quebec, who went to the scene Thursday to proceed with the expertise of the scene.

No answer

“I’ve never seen so many trucks (fire) in my life, said Claude Galipeau, a witness Stanbridgeois operations. There were all brigades (the corner). I was home when firefighters went. I saw that there was fire in the back. One of my buddies stayed in this building one. ”

According to what he could see, the fire could have originated in the housing of the victim before getting into the walls and to attack the attic.

The first tenant to notice the blaze knocked on doors to alert neighbors. He did not get any response from the victim and would not have seen through the smoke.

“It’s unfortunate, says a neighbor. I know one who stays up and he said:. “I boil water and hand detector there I could not see anything in the house and he was not leaving When I went there I heard. ” There’s even one who was taking a shower, (but) they went out quickly. ”


If he lived in the quadruplex Main Street for a long time, the victim was unknown to the neighborhood. He was described as a hermit by a citizen of the village of fewer than 700 souls who stressed very discreet.

His identity was still unknown in the late afternoon. The fifties worked at Santa Sabina and lived in the village for over ten years, according to various testimonies collected on site. “I know of him, but I’ve never spoken to him, says a neighbor. Apparently it’s been 18 years it’s there. ”

These tenants have been supported by the Canadian Red Cross that particular offer their accommodation for three days and vouchers for clothes.

The Association of volunteer firefighters in the Montérégie was also on hand to provide food and refreshments to the fire and disaster.

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