Fate uncertain for several projects in Quebec form

place-grace-financementWith the end of Quebec form in 2017, the fate of initiatives that have emerged under its aegis appears uncertain. Some measures, however, will survive him, say of stakeholders.

In 2015-2016, funding for Quebec in shape accounted for about 75% of the budget of the Sherbrooke Alliance for healthy youth, a group of partners (including the School Board of the Region de Sherbrooke and the City of Sherbrooke ) to teach young Sherbrooke residents of healthy lifestyles.

Funding must, however, move to $ 90,000 for the 2016-2017 year. The alliance also receives funding to a lesser extent, other sources.

From a portrait that was drawn up a few years ago young habits of Sherbrooke, the Alliance has compiled a list of measures to promote healthy habits, including physical activity and healthy eating.

Radio-Canada and Le Devoir reported this week that following discussions with the government, André Chagnon Foundation and Lucia will not renew funding for Quebec in shape and future of children, two non-profit organizations ( NPO) at the end of the agreements provided for in 2017 and 2019.

In Estrie, several initiatives have been implemented via Quebec fit.

How does the Alliance continue its activities without this important source of income?

“We’re always looking for funding. The objective is to consolidate all this and to ensure that it remains “notes Annie Masson, coordinator for the Alliance. “In Sherbrooke, it is still in place until 2018,” she says. “In general, all projects will be able to stand still. ”

Coordinator of Health Action Mont-Bellevue (ASMB) and the Local Action Committee Young-East Energy (CALEJE), two entities were merged, Evelyne Lapierre abounds in the same direction.

Some measures promoting healthy lifestyles have been integrated into the programming of organizations, which could ensure their survival. Given the lack of funding, hard choices have to be made.

“Some will find it more difficult to continue leading a business because they have more money. ”

An action plan has been filed “to go as far as possible” in anticipation of the end of the agreement.

The fate of ASMB-CALEJE reunification remains uncertain about him.

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