Father recognized guilty of assaulting his daughter for 6 years

andre-tremblay-52-ans-limoilou(Quebec) Bob. Margaret. Felix. Thus André Tremblay, 52, Limoilou, had baptized the genitals of her daughter, a child he sexually assaulted her and kept under its yoke for six years.

From the birth of his daughter, André Tremblay had planned to sexually assault her. It happened in the act when the child has reached the age of 10 and she came to live with him full-time at Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, after the divorce of his parents.

Compliments and discussions about sexuality quickly give way to abuse. Every day for three years, André Tremblay kisses his daughter on the mouth on waking the button, masturbating in the car and asks him oral sex. Even when his new partner is present in the home, the victim testified.

The father gave names to the breasts and vulva of his daughter: Bob, Margaret and Felix, in the latter case because it involved a small Felix the Cat panties.

The assaults continued at a rate of two to three per week, until the girl reaches the age of 16. The girl said she had the impression of being a true slave to his father, who completely controlled. André Tremblay listened to his conversations, reading her email, followed by car, showed all his friends jealous.

Willing to pay

The father sometimes came to pay his daughter to continue to touch. The teenager began to take drugs to the point where she had to undergo rehab.

She ended up confiding in her mother took her back home. The charges were filed against André Tremblay in early 2013.

The young woman, now aged 24, broke down in tears when the judge Carol St-Cyr mentioned the word “guilty”. She asked that the order be lifted publication ban that prevented the media to name her attacker.

André Tremblay, who denied all the gestures despite confessions made to a new partner, had no reaction.

The representations on sentence were postponed to early December.

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