Federal Elections: kickoff next week

stephen-harper-repondu-rumeurs-lancantThe contenders for the premiership will have plenty of time to make their case to voters: the Harper government would trigger a general election next Sunday or Monday, inaugurating the same time a long campaign of almost 80 days.

Harper responded yesterday to the rumors by launching, in jest, that he does not “speculates on [its] own actions.”

According to CBC, the Prime Minister will visit the governor general in four or five days to request the dissolution of Parliament, after a little more than four years as head of government.

Under the fixed-date elections Act, elections must take place on 19 October. A 11-week campaign therefore precede the big day, one of the longest in Canadian history.

The latest polls give the New Democratic Party and the Conservative Party of Canada virtually tied for the lead, followed at some distance by the Liberal Party of Canada. The Bloc Québécois, newly led by Gilles Duceppe, collects 19% of support in Quebec, according to the latest poll Léger.

Yesterday, no one in government or the Conservative Party of Canada has wanted to confirm the information of the CBC.

However, it was possible to confirm that Catherine Loubier – French spokesperson Stephen Harper – and Rob Nicol – his director of communications – no longer working in the Office of the Prime Minister temporarily. Ms. Loubier confirmed to La Presse that she was now working for the Conservative Party of Canada. “I have no comment at this point, is merely to say. Stay tuned! ”

As for Mr. Nicol, he claims to be “prolonged absence” until October 20, the day after the date set for the election.

It was also possible to confirm that a large conservative gathering will take place on Sunday in the Montreal riding of Mount Royal, a seat representing a high proportion of Jewish voters, the Conservatives have in their sights for some time.

In an interview with the economic chain Bloomberg TV yesterday, Mr. Harper has refused to comment on the possibility of an election being called imminently.

“There is an important decision that Canadians will take on 19 October. We said it a few years it would be the election date. This will be the election date. ”

The opposition says ready

As for the federal opposition parties, it has expressed willingness to engage in election campaign when the Prime Minister would visit the governor general.

“We traveled a lot around the country recently, explained Thomas Mulcair CBC. People want change in Ottawa and the NDP is able to replace the policy of fear and confrontation Stephen Harper. ”

The same media relayed the words of Liberal MP Marc Garneau, who was responding on behalf of his party. “We are all in the country right now. The difference is that it will cost taxpayers more money “, denounced it.

Gilles Duceppe, in cycling tour with the PQ leader Pierre Karl Péladeau, said he wanted to continue his visits everywhere in Quebec. “An election campaign is to be on tour, meet with citizens, hear their concerns and bring our proposals. So we will continue to do that, “he explained.

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