Federal Elections: Quebec and Levis do their “shopping list”

gouvernement-federal-confirme-subvention-602(Québec) On the eve of a federal election, The Sun has an update with Lehouillier mayors Labeaume and their expectations, their concerns and their famous “shopping list”.

Québec: an expected help for the Nordic Institute
The enormous grant of $ 98 million won by Université Laval does not affect the construction of a pavilion of the Nordic Institute, one of the four regional priorities on the “shopping list” of Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume, in anticipation of federal elections.

The Nordic and the Research Institute program Sentinel North (see text page 2) are two “parallel” projects, said Friday the vice-rector of Université Laval, Eric Bauce.

But the large grant for research on Friday announced Northern Development can only help this folder to which the expected federal contribution is $ 30 million, he said. “This is one more reason to put the Institute on foot. The grant to Portfolio North becomes a quality assurance. ”

On June 1, Régis Labeaume and the rector Denis Brière had presented the Nordic Institute for which Laval University partners with the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) and McGill University. The project aims to bring together under one roof dozens of researchers of the Nordic world on the environment, climate and the health of indigenous populations.

The investment for the creation of the Nordic Institute is estimated at $ 75 million, including $ 60 million for the pavilion and $ 15 million in scientific equipment. The Quebec government has already confirmed $ 30 million.

So we will know during the campaign ahead of the elections on October 19 if the various Canadian parties will commit to finance this new university infrastructure.

By then, Le Soleil offers an update on three other items on the “shopping list” of the region of Quebec, totaling $ 205.2 million requests in Ottawa.

Port of Quebec

Amount requested: $ 98 million

The Government of Canada has already confirmed on July 10 at $ 60.2 million grant for the expansion of the port facilities in the Beauport sector, a project called Beauport 2020. The Minister of Infrastructure and Lieutenant Stephen Harper Quebec Denis Lebel, assured at the announcement that the project of fate was not related to the re-election of the Conservative Party. The Port also wants $ 24 million from the federal to the expansion of the cruise terminal and $ 12 million for its project to port promenade Foulon.

Quebec airport

Amount requested: $ 0

Aéroport de Québec does not demand money from Ottawa, but rather wants political support for pre-clearance center. Such a center would allow US travelers direction to pass US customs before boarding. For now, the airport has received no formal support.

National Optics Institute (INO)

Amount requested: $ 50 million over five years and $ 27.2 million for expansion

Other regional priority: an application for the National Optics Institute (INO) 50 mil-

$ lions over five years for its core funding and additional funding of $ 27.2 million for its expansion plan in Canada. No announcement has yet been made in this direction.

Valérie Gaudreau

La Ville de Lévis demande à Ottawa de… (Photothèque Le Soleil, Yan Doublet) – image 3.0
The City of Lévis is asking Ottawa to cede the field of Chapais farm in Saint-Romuald at low cost into a public park.

Lévis: two deputies, few wishes fulfilled
Since no wishes have not yet been fulfilled on the “lean list” which he presented in early June for the federal election, the mayor of Lévis expects at least to “firm commitments” conservatives within weeks come.

“We, we still Lévis two Conservative members, so it is expected that it moves a little!”, Launched Gilles Lehouillier sidelines of a protocol visit to Festivent Friday. The mayor believes that his city has been waiting too long unblocked several projects and look forward to positive signals MPs Steven Blaney and Jacques Gourde.

“We’re not greedy, but we expect that our projects go boom,” says the mayor. If the campaign engages well within the next week, Mr. Lehouillier is aware that still needs to take his misfortune patiently. “If there are ads that can not be made, it is expected at least to firm commitments during the election campaign,” he said.

Aquatic Complex

The Mayor of Lévis priority aquatic complex of Saint-Nicolas, “a record that has dragged on for 15 years” and which he holds “enormous”. The City is ready to start the project, which should be partly financed by Quebec and Ottawa. “We’re 4 or

$ 5 million from the target in terms of subsidies. […] We, the money comes from the federal or provincial, that matters little. What matters is that we reach the target. ”

At the risk of repetition, the mayor also think the Holy Redeemer viaduct folder that has already been delayed because the costs were underestimated. “This is a missed opportunity we do not want to miss this time.”

Mr. Lehouillier would love that the two levels of government agree and unlock the remaining money from the Building Canada Fund, which would enable Lévis to move forward. “It retards, retards it. What is happening? We do not know anything, “says the mayor.

The other issue that worries particularly Mr. Lehouillier

The federal $ 1 billion contract still expected by the Davie shipyard workers, some of whom have been laid off in mid-May. “There was no response, nothing,” laments the mayor.


Waiting for a federal contract of $ billion

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Chapais Farm

Lévis wants Ottawa to vacate the land at low cost. Information from Minister Blaney, but no commitment.



The City wants to ban there skydiving.

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Fort No. AC Davie and historic site

39 restoration and $ 20 million

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