Federal Help: provinces lack “transparency” according Gourde

jacques-gourde-organismes-ignorent(Quebec) Criticized for thinness of federal assistance to the community sector, Conservative MP Jacques Gourde regrets that provincial governments take ownership of the credit amounts paid by Ottawa.

Member of Parliament for Lotbinière came Monday promote the first installment of the universal child care benefit Child Care Benefit (UCCB) in the premises of Resource Family Center, Ste-Foy.

The coordinator of the organization, whose mission is to alleviate the effects of poverty among families in the area, took the opportunity to convey his message to the Conservative government.

“Our network is supported by the province and numerous private partners, said Gwendoline Ethève. We hope that the federal will enhance its assistance. ”

Asked about the issue, the Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Stephen Harper first noted that “these are things that are possible.” But he noted that agencies sometimes ignore that federal money channeled through Quebec before landing in their coffers.

“Often there is money that is transferred to Québec also to help this type of organization there, said Mr. Gourde. Directly or indirectly, organizations do not necessarily know the federal money that is paid. ”

MP assures he “often” that provincial governments claim the merit of payment of sums that comes in part from the federal treasury.

“So we, we would like there to be perhaps more transparency in transfers to the provinces to ensure that the provinces, at least, say money [they] pay to certain organizations , there is a part that comes from the federal, “said Mr. Gourde.

The Family Center Resource Coordinator seemed surprised by the response of the member. “I did not understand that and I still dug the financier record and how we finance me,” said Ms. Ethève, under the watchful eye of Mr. Gourde.

“I would like at least, what existed is not cut,” said the coordinator. She particularly referred to the Summer Jobs Program of Canada.

On Monday, the Office of the Quebec Minister Line Charlebois would not comment the lack of “transparency” criticized by Conservative MP. The Support Program for Community Organizations (PSOC) is “an envelope that is entirely provincial, and when we have programs with the federal government, working in partnership,” said the press attaché Alexandra Bernier.

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