Ferrandez denounces site management

luc-ferrandez-ne-dit-particulierementThe Leader of the Opposition in Montreal, Luc Ferrandez, denounced the management of sites in the city. Disappointed with the results observed in the repair of Peel Street, is concerned about the important work planned next year on Ste-Catherine.

Project Montreal visited the site this morning on Peel Street. Several traders complain to cash losses of 30% to 40% of their turnover because of insufficient mitigation.

Luc Ferrandez says is not particularly impressed by the signs indicating to passersby that businesses are open during construction. “They are behind fences, so we do not see them,” he said.

The owner of the Café Vasco da Gama Jorge Ferrera, also claims to have lost tourists to its customers since they no longer dare venture on Peel. “Who has the taste to eat with construction noise?”

Ironically, Montreal allowed the restaurant to arrange some terraces tables, but few sit there because of construction noise. Mr. Ferrera said thinking caps provide the brave few who dare to eat on his improvised terrace.

Butler to Ferreira restaurant, Julie Poirier regrets that the site begins to come alive at 12:30 … in full mealtime.

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