Ferries: resumption of negotiations this week?

tout-cinq-services-perturbes-provinceNearly two weeks after the start of the strike by mechanics and navigation of the ferry company officers, the Steelworkers union and the employer could soon return to the negotiating table.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, USW Quebec Director Daniel Roy, said that negotiations would resume “shortly”, without giving further details.

Friday, President of the Treasury Board Martin Coiteux warned that the patience of the government “had its limits” and that next week would be “decisive”.

Although he wants a negotiated settlement of the labor dispute, Mr. Coiteux argued that the government could not tolerate “the population is [indefinitely] hostage”.

In veiled terms, he referred to the possibility of presenting a special law “when its limit is reached.”

The idea of ​​imposing a special law is categorically rejected by the USW Quebec Director. After a vote held over several days, employees of the ferry company to 91% rejected the employers’ proposals and 78% have chosen to continue their pressure tactics, according to the United Steelworkers.

“This is the speech that government. This is the speech of Mr. Coiteux. But, look, a rejection of the employer’s offer to 91% … I think that being the minister I would say me that there is something there “, said Mr. Roy.

The USW Quebec Director recalled that he had a right to strike and that it was a legal strike, according to the essential services legislation.

Meanwhile, the service remains suspended for cross-Lévis and Quebec Sorel-Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola.

In all, there are five services that are disrupted in the province since the outbreak of the strike on October 13.

This is a reduction in the purchasing power of workers in Quebec. They are the lowest paid across Canada, large or small confused crossing, according to the USW Quebec Director. Without necessarily asking the same wages than elsewhere in Canada, the union representative wishes to improve conditions of its workers.

Saturday morning, Daniel Roy were still big on heart about the intervention of the Mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume, earlier this week. The chief magistrate was planning to go to court if the conflict continues because of the economic consequences.

“The mayor of Quebec’s pretty wiped feet on the rest of us last week, said Mr Roy. The rule in full time when consultations of Member: silence is golden. Mayor Labeaume has not applied. And I can tell you that Matane and Tadoussac, Mayor Labeaume it passes them ten feet over the head. […] It has been imprudent. ”

Regis Labeaume wanted to contact the mayors of the municipalities concerned and hold a meeting as soon as the coming week.

Mayors signaled their intention to file an application to the Labour Relations Commission for the service to be considered “essential”.

Despite some concerns and criticisms expressed by some mayors and citizens, Daniel Roy is confident to have the support of some of the affected people.

“By region, I doubt not, the population is with the workers. There are some places that the population is less, I agree, but I ask them to reflect and put pressure in the right place, that is to say their mayor, the Treasury Board and the Company ferries, not on workers trying to negotiate their conditions of work for the next five years, and to think a little to the workers who make them also part of the population, “concluded Mr. Roy.

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