Fetes de la Nouvelle-France: Petit Champlain, but not at any price

fetes-nouvelle-france(Quebec) After declaring that he was looking for a new site to hold the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France next year, the executive director of the event, Stéphan Parent, said it was ready to remain in the place of Paris, in the Petit Champlain district, but not at any price.

Last week, the director of the transportation bureau of the City of Québec, Marc Rivers, had said at a public meeting that he was wrong to say that instead of Paris would not be available for the holding of Festivals New France in 2016 and 2017.

Stéphan Parent, who had received a few weeks ago two e-mails from the City saying precisely the opposite, decided to get to the bottom and contacted himself Mr. Rivers.

By mistake

“Mr. Rivers said that these messages were sent by mistake and Place de Paris, where 19 other editions holiday took place, would be available in 2016 despite the work at Dalhousie parking for the building of the future place of the Boating Party ” , confirmed Mr. Parent.

Nevertheless, the general manager wants to know more before making a decision as to the festivities of the site next year. “Although Place de Paris is available, it is unclear under what conditions. Is it be through the dust and noise? Does this will no parking? If that were the case, it would not be pleasant for anyone, “he says.

The organization of the Festival of New France is also planning several meetings with the office of the great events of Quebec City in the coming weeks in order to get answers to his questions. “We are in fashion solution,” says Parent, while admitting that he doubted the effectiveness of a possible shuttle system during the festival.

Decision in October

The latter admits he would much prefer to remain at the Paris if possible. “Basically, we do not want to leave for Paris Square has been the heart of the festival from the beginning. It would be impossible to go elsewhere, but it would be a challenge. ”

One thing is certain, the organization will arrive within two months a decision on the Christmas website of New France next year. “It would have taken a final decision in October. This is essential not only for accountability and funding applications, but also because our partners want to know where the event will take place in 2016, “says Parent.

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