Fifteen Project 40: little impact on traffic as the mayor of Mount Royal

tout-monde-dit-y-personneThe daily influx of thousands of motorists future Royalmount power center at the intersection of Highways 15 and 40, will not make a “big difference” traffic in an already industrial district on Thursday night said the mayor of Mt. -Royal Philippe Roy, heckled by citizens concerned about the project’s impacts on traffic and pollution in the area.

“[The sponsor] seems convinced that there will be no impact, we can easily access the site. We want to go further. We will take these studies and then we will appraise the against-by another firm, “promised the mayor Roy, aware of the” problem “caused by traffic. He also pledged to conduct new traffic studies should this become necessary. Carbonleo The promoter claims that 20,000 vehicles per day will be added to local traffic, while 360 ​​000 vehicles already circulating in this very busy area of ​​the heart of the island.

The construction of a bridge over the Décarie highway to connect the project to Royalmount Metro Station De la Savane, however, remains a condition “sine qua non” to the project, according to the mayor. The developer is already in talks with Québec on this matter, he argues.

Before twenty citizens met in a public meeting to present zoning changes, Mayor Roy praised the project would be “the benefit of all Montrealers.” Citing a recent meeting with the Minister of Finance Carlos Leitao, the mayor of Mount Royal played down the movement of opposition to the proposed 4 million square feet. “Everybody says there is no one in Quebec who can be against a proposed 1.6 billion, 100% privately funded. In any case, there is probably no place on Earth where people would say they are against and I do not think Montreal is in position to say that it opposes it. ”

Having adopted a special plan on June 22 Planning for the construction of the power center, the City plans to adopt the final draft regulations on September 21 at the next City Council.

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