Fight against EI: senior officials met in Quebec City Thursday

semaine-derniere-aviation-turque-bombarde(Québec) Senior officials of the international coalition fighting against the Islamic State Group (EI) will meet on Thursday at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. They will discuss how to improve the effectiveness of the campaign in Iraq and Syria.

The summit held in camera include representatives of several world powers including General John Allen retired, appointed by US President Barack Obama, to form the coalition, Reuters said Monday from two separate sources.

According to these sources, the meeting of Quebec will focus on both the political and military aspects of the fight against EI. In particular, we discuss the efforts made by Baghdad to fight the armed group that now controls one-third of Iraq.

Indeed, the Western powers argue that air strikes carried out by Canadian fighter jets and US on targets of EI in Iraq and Syria are not enough to defeat the extremist group.

Earlier in July, General Allen had urged Turkey to step up its fight to prevent members of the IU to cross its border with Syria.

Last week, Turkish warplanes bombed positions of jihadists in Syria. Ankara has allowed his allies to use its Incirlik airbase, giving hope to the coalition to sweep the fighters of the Islamic State along the border.

Ottawa this morning confirmed the holding of the meeting. The Foreign Minister Rob Nicholson said he will travel to Quebec on Thursday to participate. The exchanges will be in the presence of “political directors of the Core Group of the global coalition against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (DIRE).”

“Canada is taking steps to counter barbarous activities and expansionist ambitions DIRE participating in air strikes from the coalition, and working with its partners to stem the flow of foreign fighters cut off the sources of funding of DIRE and refute terrorist propaganda, “the ministry said in a statement.

Canada, the United States and Iraq will co-chair the meeting will also take stock of the efforts of the coalition so far.

The coalition formed in 2014 has about twenty members. In addition to Canada and the United States, most European countries and several Arab countries are among them.

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