Filmed forceful intervention: two SPVM officers blamed

police 82-85Two officers of the Police Service of the City of Montreal recently been blamed by their ethics committee for police intervention occurred in 2011, where a young woman was thrown against a parking terminal.

The story was widely publicized at the time after the webcast of three videos showing some of the events. September 7, 2011, SPVM police officers arrested two youths who drank alcohol on a public road at the exit of a film about the St. Lawrence Boulevard. The officers decided to give a ticket to one of the two men. After much debate, the tension began to mount. Other officers stepped in and a group of friends of the two men began to swing at the scene. The images captured by witnesses showed a young woman doing a project against parking terminal by a policeman. A week later, police ethics in the complaints were made against the officers, among others for abuse of authority.

Thirty allegations

In its decision of 16 July, the police ethics committee blames two policemen to three times over a thirty allegations. According to the Administrative Court, the action taken by the agent Jean-Luc Gagnon for the young woman away without having paid attention to the parking terminal, ‘an abuse of authority by the use of a force greater than […] necessary. ”

The committee also critical Sergeant Lawrence Lisio for completing a police report “inaccurate” and that he had also used “greater than necessary” force during the arrest of one of the complainants, Vincent Sauvé.

The young woman projected on the terminal by the police officer said he was “satisfied” with the judgment. “It is now clear that this violent intervention was unjustified. We were adults at the time, with two ears and one mouth. Why not have communicated with us in a civilized manner? All this could have been avoided. I am seared by the SPVM “, told La Presse Audrey-Anne Pouliot.

The SPVM preferred to wait before making any comments.

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