FIMAV wants to democratize contemporary art

michel-levasseurFor the seventh year, the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (FIMAV) overflow concert halls to democratize contemporary art through a series of seven appointed strategically sound installations in the heart of downtown.

This year, the Commissioner for installations, Erick D’Orion invites visitors to “observe and listen to the sound image” as part of what he described as a unique sensory experience. To meet these high expectations, he has appealed to Adam Basanta, a prolific composer of electroacoustic music that is innovative in its sound research.

“It was a new way of working with sound and musical structure. I invited him because I feel that in five years we will not be able to present it so it will be asked, “said the Commissioner.

Montrealer and present Pirouette, a work exploring the relationships between a floor microphone and speakers, the Library Charles-Édouard Mailhot. With a slow circular motion of the microphone, the artist manages to create subtle and gradual way the main theme of Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky.

Not being able to select only work, D’Orion has also confirmed the presence of a work by Basanta at Place Sainte-Victoire. Presented for the first time in Canada, Message future past is a combination of three tape recorders built between 1968 and 1979 trying to convey a message from a text by Peter Drucker wrote in 1973. “The mentioned concept that may seem trivial, us that we know what the future is that it will be different. The message we comes with a synthesized voice on analog tape through the technology of an artifact, “he says.

Nathalie Bujold (videographic studies for string instruments), Phil Allard (Diversion) Audiotopie (Silo). François Quévillon (Meanwhile Baroarbunga) and the duo Catherine Bechard and Sabin Hudon (Headphones) will also be in Victoriaville from 16 to 22 May in order to present their facilities.

In 2015, over 10,000 people attended the various free presentations, which did not fail to add to the sense of belonging to this local event to impenetrable paces.

A schedule turned upside down, a derelict site

The artistic director of FIMAV, Michel Levasseur has also announced changes to its schedule to make room for John Zorn, who will offer three consecutive concerts during the Saturday evening. Festival goers should expect up late since the legend of contemporary music should play its Bagatelles until 2 am.

The Festival has also confirmed he was abandoning the pavilion Mont Arthabaska, yet after a satisfactory year, to enjoy the facilities of

150 square and repatriate his concerts in downtown victoriavillois. 5 of 18 shows will be offered in this ultra-modern distribution center.

“We chose to do this step by step. Cabaret Guy Aubert offers great opportunities, we will try to use multi-functional way. It is a format conducive exceptional concerts, “says Levasseur.

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