Final Fantasy XV, the game that marks a break in the saga

final-fantasy-xv-apres-dix-ans-d-attente-le-grand-retour-de-la-sagaFinal Fantasy XV, new opus of the series, is released in France Tuesday on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. After ten years of development, the expectations of the players are immense.

Nearly ten years of waiting and as much for its development. It is little to say that the new episode of the saga Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XV, which comes out in France Tuesday on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was much awaited by the players. We must go back to 2006 to see the first mention of this new opus. At the time, no question of Final Fantasy XV, but of “Final Fantasy Versus XIII”.

Ten years of development. Since then, the title has been postponed several times by its publisher, the Japanese Square Enix. Some even believed, at one time, that the game was going to be purely and simply canceled. But suddenly, in June 2013, at the E3, the biggest video game show held every year in Los Angeles, all were reassured. The editor presented the trailer of the one that has meanwhile become Final Fantasy XV.

Launched on NES in 1987. And for this event, Square Enix, saw great. This fifteenth opus offers an entirely new story, more open and probably also more comprehensible. Since 1987 and the release of the first episode on Nintendo’s legendary NES console, the Japanese role-playing game has evolved and the characters also. And from the start this new episode marks a break.

A history of rupture. In previous versions, the player was asked to save a princess or battle against bad guys. Not this time. At least not directly. The story is now almost childish. Four friends go for a drive and then break down in the middle of nowhere. One of them, the young prince Noctis, went to see his kingdom devastated during his escapade and his father killed. Throughout the adventure, the four young men have to face multiple vicissitudes and end up relying on the gods to help them face the many demons they encounter.

A successful bet. With these innovations, Square Enix and the development team make a bet, to open up to more varied stories in a game much larger in the world, close to an open world. A total break with previous opus. To avoid losing players on the way, some codes are still there. In the characters already. But also in the fight itself. These two elements remain very close to the classics and the Japanese references. A bet that, if it were to be measured against the interests of the players, is undoubtedly successful.

110 million games sold. Despite an almost immediate success of the first episode in Japan, the export of the first five opus remained complex. A phenomenon widely caught up by the following adventures. In total, in fifteen episodes, according to the figures of VGChart, nearly 112 million copies would have been sold. For Final Fantasy XV, the ambitions are also great. Square Enix hopes to sell ten million games.

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