Finally a victory at home to the Senators

craig-anderson-fait-sortie-bienDave Cameron wanted her protected more inspired play of hockey in Canadian Tire Centre. He got what he wanted.

“We finally have been more engaged,” he said at the outset, during his press conference after the match on Thursday night.

Cameron wanted his team to use his emotions to improve their home record. So it’s two in two for the head coach. The Ottawa Senators have signed their second home win. They beat the Winnipeg Jets 3-2 in a shootout.

Cameron is not satisfied on the line.

To get there, the Senators first squandered a comfortable lead.

After 35 minutes, they led 2-0. Cody Ceci and Bobby Ryan had foiled the promising young keeper Michael Hutchinson.

At the other end of the ice, Craig Anderson was busy. But not overtaxed.

Goalkeeper number one goal was to have a sense of reliving a “copied, pasted” from his previous match.

Like Tuesday night at Montreal, he had many stops to make. But routine stops.

As the Jets played the night before in Toronto. Fatigue would naturally win. It was inevitable.

Defenders Senators may have begun to imagine that the victory was in the pocket.

Two blunders allowed the visitors back into the game very quickly.

The partners of the third duo Mark Borowiecki and Jared Cowen committed first. They rushed into the corner of the rink to cover the same player, this has had the effect of leaving the enclave completely free. This is what allowed the captain Andrew Ladd to reduce the gap.

Erik Karlsson has committed another blunder in neutral territory. He escaped stupidly puck along the ramp, near the red line. Hardly he has had time to blink the big Dustin Byfuglien with détalait to go to tie.

Good morale

After this, we felt the Senators in the cables. They spent much of the third period in survival mode.

It was at that time that Anderson managed the stops that allowed him to meet up again in the three stars of the evening.

“It was important. We needed this victory. Overall, we did not play a bad game. We progress for some time. We climb in the standings. If we had escaped that game, we would have attacked in a somewhat depressed weekend. This victory allows us instead to leave the arena with your head high. It will be easier to continue to work on our shortcomings after this victory, “said the one who finally stopped 38 pucks in this victory.

“We have not played a complete game, but we did not play badly either. We had some bad sequences, that’s all, “believes one who can claim to be the second best player in Senators win, Kyle Turris.

Before the meeting, by the way, Turris got hold of the Molson Cup for October.

The Senators took part in five sessions shootout. This is a peak in the NHL.

All this is good practice to something. Players on which Dave Cameron put it in individual competition begin to feel very comfortable.

The first three players he has designated Thursday gave no chance to goalkeeper Michael Hutchinson Jets. Bobby Ryan, Kyle Turris and Mika Zibanejad each scored their turn.

“Difficult to make it better. Bobby scored with a low shot on the blocker side. Instead, I covered the top. Mika has aimed high too, but he went to the other side. In the end, the poor Hutchinson was to be confused, “narrated Turris after this victory.

The center has a lot of admiration for his teammates. “Bobby was incredibly hot in the shootout this season. Mika was pretty good too. Me … Let’s say I’m just trying to improve. ”

Difficult indeed to beat Ryan in the shootout. It is always the one that sends Cameron as the first shooter. So far, he did fly four times in five attempts.

Craig Anderson has never hidden his disdain for the shootings. He simply does not like the pressure that goes with it.

“But if the guys could score three goals in three attempts each night, it would not be bad at all. That means I would have to make a judgment to give the victory to my team. ”

Only negative of the evening, the power play has once again been cleared.

Ryan, Turris Zibanejad and were not able to do back of the net in four attempts.

Dave Cameron had decreed that the morning workout Senators was not mandatory, Thursday morning. Four players took the opportunity to leave.

Daniel Alfredsson, he took the opportunity to put on the shoes, just to work with a particular player.

“He wanted to help me with a kind of launch in a specific area of ​​the rink, which gives me trouble for some time,” said Bobby Ryan.

Alfredsson scored 444 goals during his long career in the NHL.

Ryan, who has known his last season more than 30 goals in 2011-2012, was well prepared to listen. “He first gave me a demonstration. I gave him three assists. He sent three times the puck into the top corner, “he says, impressed.

“He then gave a little advice on my synchronism. A little advice. I immediately saw a difference. ”

Ryan and Alfredsson have crossed into the doors of the Centre Canadian Tire. The first was acquired in a trade the day the second chose to leave as an unrestricted free agent in July 2013.

“I’m glad to work with Alfie today. With his attitude and enthusiasm, he soon made friends in the locker room. ”

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