Financial boost for Carnival

carnaval-doit-composer-avec-deficit(Quebec) The City and the provincial government will inject $ 500,000 in the Quebec Winter Carnival to ensure the survival of the event facing financial difficulties. So that it start over on a new basis, the Carnival Board was also reviewed.

“Carnival is a flagship event of our collective identity and reputation is international,” said Monday the mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume, who was accompanied by the Minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale, Sam Hamad, during ‘ a press briefing at City Hall. “This festival is part of our DNA. You could not sit idly by knowing that the organization was experiencing significant financial difficulty, “he added.

The 500 $ 000 investment – that come from the Economic Development Strategy of the City – will certainly help to revive the event, which is dealing with an operating deficit of $ 619,149 after collecting a surplus of $ 48,997 in 2014. In 2013, the organization of the Carnival was also found in the red with a deficit of about $ 600,000.

“The goal is to make the presentation in 2016 of a heart hit with citizens of Quebec and all the participants,” Mr. Labeaume said.

During the 61 th Québec Winter Carnival, 419,770 people participated in the two weeks of festivities or 100,230 fewer than in 2014.

For the Minister Hamad, the support of the City and the provincial government sent a “positive signal” to the sponsors who have abandoned Bonhomme in recent years.

“The message today is clear, it is a revival of Carnival. It is also a clear message to the sponsors. […] We ask the support of sponsors, and a sizeable support for the carnival is coming. The event is here to stay. ”

New CA

Of the 12 members of the board, only five kept their chair. This is Annie Allen, Daniel A. Denis, William Gobeil, Caroline Lepage and Charlyne Ratté. They formed the executive committee of the Quebec Winter Carnival.

The seven new members, all from the business community of the region, are Daniel Lavoie, Alain April, Serge Ferland, Mario Bédard, P.-Michel Bouchard, Luc Paradis and Jean-Guy Poulin.

“I know that the task will not be easy and that the challenges will be size. They have carte blanche, “said Mr. Labeaume.

The Board’s mandate is to develop a Financial Recovery Plan and to determine guidelines to make the next presentation a success, says the mayor. “They’re going to wonder how you can now fetch additional revenue. We, what we do, it’s urgent economic development type of investment for the new board of directors has cash to continue operations. ”

The financial plan and the AC recommendations will be presented during the fall. The new board members would not issue comments after the press conference.

As for the future direction of the carnival, led by Yann Latouche, “It’s on the board to make a decision,” concluded Mr. Labeaume. According to our information, for now, Mr. Latouche is still interim CEO of the event.

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