Fire in Montcalm: the hypothesis of a crime shall be considered

bien-cinquantaine-sapeurs-ait-combattu(Quebec) Human intervention could be at the origin of the fire that destroyed the three-storey building housing the restaurant Asian Flower and Bar Quarter Moon Wednesday.

The Fire Department of the City of Quebec confirmed to the Sun this morning that the file had been transferred to the police because Quebec could also be a criminal dimension to the file says the spokesman of the service, Annie Marmen. This does not rule out completely the hypothesis of an accident.

Although the fire of fifty has fought the disaster, mainly at the height of the roof, the fire may have been incurred in any location. “Fire can take the ground floor and traveling in service spaces as a dryer hose or an old fireplace and tackle the structure to another floor,” illustrates Ms. Marmen.

Wednesday, at the scene of the fire, the bar owner, Milan Borovnica, explained that he was about to sell his business to a quartet of investors which includes singer Éric Lapointe. At 66, the man who opened the facility in 1991 wanted to retire.

Its establishment, as the family restaurant on the ground floor, is a complete loss. A neighbor who alerted the fire Wednesday around 5:30 after seeing smoke and flames coming out of the roof.

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