Firearms: a memory embedded in it

generale-eu-lieu-almaAlthough the Quebec Federation of Hunters and Fishermen submit a memorandum against the establishment of a new register of firearms during the parliamentary committee that begins this week, the regional section regrets that the implementation of Bill 64 seems inevitable.

“We feel that our comments will be embedded in them, while about 90% of the speakers at the public hearings are biased to the register,” says the regional president of the federation, Gilles Brassard, after general meeting on Saturday. Fifty representatives of Associations for Hunting and fishing in the region and Chibougamau turnout motel Cascades, Alma, to discuss their concerns.

Mr. Brassard deplores the government’s position and the decision of Prime Minister Philippe Couillard to impose the party line to Liberal MPs. “The candidate Francyne T. Gobeil seemed open to listen to us, saying she wanted to express the views of his constituents in Chicoutimi, but was called to order fast enough.”

Regional members of the federation have no other means of short-term pressure envisaged. “Some say they do not enroll their weapons in the register, but that’s not what we recommend. Others also think to buy their weapons in the neighboring provinces of Quebec, which will affect the economy, says Gilles Brassard. It will be a fiasco. As is already required to have a permit, it is an unnecessary expense. We could focus on education of safe practices in place. ”

Rising prices of vacation leases and the hunting permits are also among the cases brought by the Federation. Moreover, the president is proud of the collaboration with the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks to develop management plans, allowing many herds stand, and hunters to have success.

Information on hunting deer with bow and crossbow, which will be permitted for the first time in the region from 29 October to 3 November 2016, was also sent to the members, who were enthusiastic.

“We do not have an accurate inventory of the population, but with the testimonies of people who have seen a lot, we thought we could try this type of hunting, which has more difficulties and does not create too much damage in the herd. For cons, the winter this year caused major constraints for moose and deer. We’ll see if the presence was maintained, “says Gilles Brassard.

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