Firearms: Quebec will create a registry

mise-pied-registre-quebecois-devrait(Quebec) The governing Couillard is about to create a registry of firearms when a new massacre in California puts unfortunately arms control at the center of public debate.

In a bill that should be tabled today in the National Assembly by the Minister of Public Safety, Quebec wants to overcome the disappearance of the national registry decided by the Harper government. For months, Quebec and Ottawa had scrapped the courts on the preservation of Québec data from the national register. In March, the Supreme Court had ruled that the federal fully had the right to destroy the information gathered by him.

However, the Federal Court in June ordered the Harper government to preserve Quebec’s data in an external hard drive. Ottawa had complied, only 30 minutes before the time prescribed by the court, even if he had the green light from the Supreme Court. This is the information commissioner, Suzanne Legault, who after the decision of the Supreme Court, had quickly filed a judicial review application in the Federal Court, which led to rebound in June However, these data are very incomplete, Ottawa ceased to compile in 2012.

Last February, the Quebec RCMP had informed that it had listed 1,654,239 long guns on its territory. This would accelerate the process of implementation of the “Law on Registration of firearms” that the Minister will table Moreau. The establishment of the Quebec registry will cost 15-20000000, evaluates does one now. Last spring, it was about 30 million.

The establishment of a Quebec registry should take a maximum of 32 months. The first eight months will be used to obtain governmental approvals. It will then one year to develop the necessary software and then spend another 12 months in data entry that will be paid in the Quebec registry.

Registration by internet

Weapons “without restrictions”, mostly shotguns, would be registered by the owner, with the Director of Vital Statistics, responsible for managing the file under the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Security. The weapons will be placed via the internet. They represent 94% of all firearms in Quebec. The restricted firearms, such as handguns and automatic weapons, must already be recorded.

Last March, the licensee of Public Safety, Lise Thériault, announced the forthcoming creation of a Quebec registry after the federal decision, a “live up to the ability to pay of Quebecers” file.

The constitution of the Federal Register, which should cost less than five million in 1995, had finally engulfed nearly $ 1 billion in public funds. The registry is an essential tool for police work to ensure safety in Québec. It is consulted 300 times a day by police, according to the Montreal Police Brotherhood.

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