Fires in BC .: global warming could be involved, according to Harper

premiere-ministre-colombie-britannique-christyPrime Minister Stephen Harper met Thursday firefighters struggling against a wildfire out of control near Kelowna, British Columbia.

Mr. Harper promised to seriously consider new ways to fight forest fires like the one raging near West Kelowna.

The Prime Minister said it was “possible” that global warming is to blame.

The Premier of British Columbia, Christy Clark, said yesterday concern that climate change has altered the land dried up the territory and increased vulnerability to fire, causing the kind of situation that is living British Columbia is repeated more often.

Mr. Harper was not even promised new resources and new funding – rather engaging in discussions with premiers once this fire season ended.

Asked if he believes that global warming is responsible for the major season of forest fires this year, Mr. Harper said: “I think it’s possible.” He argued that his government had presented regulations have reduced emissions of greenhouse gases, and that Canada was working with allies on a new binding agreement for the international conference in Paris in December.

Harper, who discussed informally with firefighters work clothes near the disaster area, said he wanted to thank them for doing this work demanding and sometimes dangerous.

The Prime Minister said that once the lights off in British Columbia and Saskatchewan, officials will sit down to determine what can be done to better share resources and contain the fires that have devastated both provinces this summer .

Fire Westside Road, near West Kelowna, forced the evacuation of 70 homes on Monday. Firefighters have so far managed to keep flames away from houses.

This is one of the 250 active fires in the territory of British Columbia.

The provincial government has spent to date more than 140 million in the fight against more than 1,300 wildfires that broke out this season. Premier Christy Clark said the province could spend up to 400 million this year.

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