FIRM back to better jump

gagnon-directeurBack to better jump. This is the best way to describe the gesture just asked the leadership of the International Festival of Rhythms of the World (FIRM). Wishing to reduce its accumulated deficit, it will concentrate activities on four days this year, promising that each evening will be memorable.

“The program will be summarized and also” upgraded “. It will be spectacular, “promised the General Manager Robert Hakim on Wednesday at a press conference held at the Hotel Chicoutimi. To show a bit of what was coming, he announced the presence of Ariane Moffatt and one of the participants in the show The Voice, Elie Haroun.

“We think these two will give a good mix,” says the developer. It confirms the shift performed by the festival, a turn under which pop artists share the stage with those associated spontaneously to world music.

The other significant change, besides the reduction from six to four days, due to the time the event takes place. The 2016 edition will deploy from 10 to 13 August, which, for the first time, will locate the FIRM outside the construction holiday.

To justify this decision, Robert Hakim invokes the good weather which increasingly characterizes the month of August. At the same time, he said that last year, the concentration of activities on six consecutive days during the leave of construction, prevented people from the region to participate.

“Some would have wanted to come, but they had planned a trip at the time and could not resume the following week. With respect to tourists, however, it will have no impact. They are also present in August, “noted the CEO.

Solid foundation

Returning to the decision to shrink the sails, it is the desire to erase the red ink bath, which for the most part, goes back to the 2012 Robert Hakim was then recessed the festival. Since returning, he has multiplied the initiatives to improve finances, without reaching its goal.

“Through these efforts, and the choice to hold the next edition in four days we will have eliminated $ 400,000 deficit in three years. We want to move on, go back on solid ground, “said the promoter.

The missing piece to the puzzle was the renewal of the aid granted by the City of Saguenay. The agreement with the festival included an option year in 2017 and had to ensure that it is exercised, which was confirmed earlier this month. “It will be a 15th edition worthy of the name,” says Robert Hakim.

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