First day of work for Mireille Jean

premiere-journee-commeThe first day of the new Parti Quebecois MP for Chicoutimi, Mireille Jean, started on the hubcaps. She was to appear in public places to meet people and thank them for their support during the election Monday that allowed him to prevail over the liberal Francyne T. Gobeil by a majority of 3110 votes.

His official debut as an MP was held at the restaurant Coq Talbot Boulevard Roast which was one of the gathering places of the political organization of the PQ candidate.

Ms. Jean has got the congratulations of the restaurant staff and received a warm welcome from several clients, especially women who seemed to play an important role in this election.

One of them told the Daily that Ms. Jean had shown courage when faced Jean Tremblay 11 years ago. “She is a successful woman in business and who led a clean campaign by offering interesting things for economic development,” said the voter.

“I really felt during the election campaign, I established a good contact with the population. I met people in workplaces, public places and other places. Today I wanted to keep this link with voters and thank people for their support, “said the MP between meetings.

The Daily observed contact between the new member and voters. Mireille Jean has visibly developed, during this campaign, ease in establishing contacts she had not when she presented for mayor against Jean Tremblay.

“I did not do anything special. I may have taken a teamwork experience with the Quebec Photonic Network which includes no less than 75 companies. When you direct your business, you work alone. In this network, I worked contacting companies in an emerging field, “said the Daily Mireille Jean, who was able to double the last majority of Stéphane Bédard in a partial where 40% of voters crossed the polls unlike 70% of expression of the popular vote usually recorded in provincial elections for the county Chicoutimi.

About noon, Mireille Jean visited the restaurant area of ​​the Square shopping center of the Kingdom.

She resumed the same ride passing between the rows of tables and taking the time to speak with each of the people she shook hands. Reactions were the same. Mireille Jean had to stop a little longer at a table where four women of a certain age have warmly welcomed by emphasizing the quality of its proposals and especially the campaign style that it has conducted.

“Men also react positively to my election,” replied the candidate Daily when we pointed out to him the care of women. Minutes later, a sexagenarian fell across the food court to congratulate the candidate and wish him well for the last two years in office she will assume as MP for Chicoutimi.

Mireille Jean, the final day of voter meetings allows the transition between the feverish activity of an election campaign and learning the profession MP for the county of parliamentary work and that of the National Assembly of Quebec.

During the interview with The Daily, Mireille Jean reversed the fundamental reasons for its entry into active politics it has evoked in his election victory speech. She firmly believes that the role of government is to provide all Quebecers of all backgrounds, the same tools that have enabled it to her becoming the accomplished woman she is today.

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