First Place des Arts Dominic Baker

montera-planches-salleDominic Baker benefit Tuesday of the prize won as part of the latest edition of Song Festival of St. Ambrose. The Jonquierois go up on stage at Place des Arts in Montreal as part of the contest My First Place des Arts.

In August, Dominic Baker won top honors in the category Interpreters 18+ Festival Song of St. Ambrose. The price assured the young man of 23 years a place at My First Place des Arts, a competition that has contributed to discover artists like Nicola Ciccone, Crow, Philippe Brach, Catherine Major, David Jalbert and Chloé Lacasse.

In the competition, the Society for the Advancement of French chanson (SACEF) organizes 12 parties where three artists perform on the stage of the Claude-Léveillée room. Dominic Baker took part in the final evening, March 29.

On April 11, all participants will gather on the stage. It is at this point that will be known the identity of six semi-finalists who will offer the same evening a benefit.

Of those, three finalists will be selected. The finale, during which will be crowned the winner of the category will be held on April 25 at the Cinquième Salle of Place des Arts.

A few days before his performance, Dominic Baker feels rather quiet. “I go with lucidity and humility throughout the world,” he explains, through a telephone interview.

Like all candidates, part of her performance will air on MATV.

He will perform Adieu! See you tomorrow! Celeste Levis They Patrick Fiori, When your heart breaks for Edwar 7 Life elsewhere Emmanuel Moire and the sun at night, specially written for the competition by Jérôme Minière.

The participant had to submit a list of 15 songs to the competition team, which selected five.

“These are not songs with which I was very familiar. The contest promotes the expression of the French language. I had to find songs that are not older than three years and have never been interpreted by a competitor. It requires research, “he says.

Dominic Baker visited a few times in Montreal for the contest. “I could go more often, but the team has been accommodating since I live Jonquière and I’m a student,” says one who pursues his education in school physical education.

In addition to his solo projects, Dominic Baker founded a new group of singers and dancers. On The Edge will be in service in the Women’s Show next week. A show is also planned at the Old Theatre Bay May 14

“The year 2015 has been for me the greatest musically. I had the opportunity to participate in various major competitions, several shows with my band On The Edge with The Experience Gospel Choir and other projects or regional launches. ”

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