The first style to David Goudreault

presque-jour-pour-jourA Grand Literary Award Archambault, it does not change the world. Except he was still there in the world to tell you what to do in the circumstances. Like those people who advised David Goudreault, after he received the prestigious award of $ 10,000 last month for her first novel The beast to his mother, to delay the release of the second volume, The Beast and his cage, scheduled for April 27. To not make shade to her first baby, which, through this award, back on the front displays.

But those who know the slammer, poet and author of Sherbrooke know that it is not guided by marketing strategies. “From the beginning, I’m doing this my way. I have no literature in school, I do not align myself with literary revenue … but it works anyway. I do not write me to enrich (the possibilities for this are also quite limited), but to go to meet the audience. In this context, I like to listen better readers who tell me they can not wait to read more! ”

The beast and his cage thus appears almost a year to the day after the beast to his mother. His writing, unlike the first, was developed around a structure. David Goudreault knew the fall and the steps to achieve it before writing the first line.

“The experience has really served the first. Rather than chasing my story, I saw a whole world to deploy the full story. Instead of groping, I went through stations. And it did not cut my tracks. Rather, it freed me. I was more open mind to think about my sentences. ”

The style is what comes first for David Goudreault, both as a writer than as a player. “When I look at my library, I remember that this author had a concise style, another was more rhythmic, and a third had sarcastically. But do not ask me to remember stories! So it’s very important for me to never be sealed, because I wish to have an exchange with the reader, I want him to have fun. ”

We are together?

There is nothing divulgâchera recalling that in the beast to his mother, the main character (an offender that we follow from childhood stolen, families

home, youth centers, to her first small scoundrel in adulthood) committed murder because David Goudreault revealed the murderer from the front lines. It was only at the end that we learned the identity of the victim and the motive for the murder.

The beast and his cage is opened the same way. “To be honest, yes, it is a trap for the reader, who will want to know what happened. But this is not the main plot of the novel … which is rather a romance novel. The character falls in love indeed a correctional officer. It even forms a pair with it … except that it does not know … ”

The unnamed character, we understand, has not really changed and is still suffering from a cognitive distortion that makes it wishful thinking. It will also guessed that the beast and his cage is held in prison. An environment that David Goudreault, social worker by training, knows well, as he continues to give creative workshops in detention centers.

“But I still did more research this time, because we are here in a federal penitentiary in Donnacona. I made a list of fifteen questions, I asked, first, to correctional officers and, secondly, to former detainees. As much their perceptions were sometimes totally different, so they could sometimes join in a magical way. ”

David Goudreault are especially found confirmation of what he suspected, that correctional officers form a gang in their own way.

” They do not have the choice. It is too difficult environment for without the support of each other. There is nothing natural confinement in a restricted place, men who, by definition, have behavioral disorders. We just hope it does not explode. also was told several anecdotes, some of which are found in the novel, but others not as they seem unreal. The reader would never have believed it is so big. ”

Shoot down the beast

While Volume 1 was over a period of 20 years following takes place one summer. “The beast with his mother, it was the evolution of a character in search of his mother. This time, it is more a portrait of the prison, with several characters, around which create subplots. As my hero idealizes the criminal world, he aspires to become a chef because he is convinced he has what it takes. It will therefore take steps, with all the awkwardness we know him to get there. ”

The novelist has already begun writing the third book, whose title (Breaking the Beast) does not suggest a big hello to her child in the DPJ who badly fired.

“It depends on what the character sees himself as what would be good for him …” said David Goudreault with a smile. “Everyone can be able to resilience. But, for my part, I do not intend to stretch the sauce. I want to finish strong and I do not want to drag the same person all my life. ”

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