Fiscal pact: STS’s unionized increase pressure

sherbrooke-craignentThe union of the Societe de transport de Sherbrooke (STS) fear the consequences of the fiscal pact reached last September between Quebec and the Union of Quebec Municipalities (UMQ).

They were present Wednesday at the meeting of the Board of Directors of the STS, to challenge the administrators about it. They are concerned about the bill that will crystallize this agreement and is expected to later this year.

During the meeting, Denis Beaudin, president of the Central Council of National Trade Unions (CSN) of the Estrie, expressed to the members of CA concerns experienced by members of the three unions affiliated with the CSN STS.

The union argues that the consequences resulting cuts of $ 300 million to Quebec municipalities and announced by the government of Philippe Couillard.

“How the STS, including the budget might be affected, she plans to recover the sums lost?” Asks Mr. Beaudin.

“Is it by cutting services to the population or using the powers granted by the fiscal pact to negotiate down the working conditions of its employees?”

Under the pact, workers in the transport sector adapted, maintenance and office employees-are still unaware of what the new powers granted to the elected officials, it is added in a press release of the CSN . The fiscal pact is a direct attack on their fundamental right to negotiate, which is already recognized by the Supreme Court of Canada.

CSN noted that this is the “second major affront in two years” toward labor rights and conditions of its unionized since the law 15 on pensions came into force in December 2014.

It promises to intensify the mobilization, without giving more details about the means proposed. “Employees will not let go until they have the certainty that the Quebec government will not worsen their working conditions,” says one.

STS of unions affiliated with the CSN represent approximately 80 members.

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