Fitzpatrick blocked 73 shots … and lost!

annee-malgre-73-tirsThe match of the year! Despite 73 blocked shots by Evan Fitzpatrick, Phoenix is ​​still inclined 3-2 second extension against Cataracts after a finish by Samuel Girard in the 97th minute.

The goalkeeper Sherbrooke multiplied stops Wednesday forcing the holding of two additional periods, but it was not enough. Claude Bouchard’s men now lead the series 3-1.

“Seventy-six shots, it’s much, launched an exhausted Evan Fitzpatrick. It does not happen every night fortunately. We were well beaten and we hope to do the same Friday in Shawinigan. We thought he could win, and until the end. It’s disappointing to lose, but we gave everything. ”

“It’s hard to stand out in the playoffs, but in the important moments he must find a way to help the team and I am happy to have managed it tonight,” smiled Girard, who had set head to charge the Phoenix after being shaken in overtime following a failure by the Anthony Chapados.

“I needed a few minutes and the therapist did a great job to get me back up. This thwarted woke my killer instinct no doubt! “Continued Girard.

Fitzpatrick: motivator

Despite the loss, the spectators in 1827 were warmly applauded the Cerberus, which gave a chance to his training to level the series.

“Evan has played an incredible match, said captain Carl Neill. I have never seen such a beautiful performance from a guard. He has bounced back after the defeat of 8-3 Tuesday. It has character and will continue to demonstrate. fatigue was forgotten at some point and victory could go from one side or the other. Thank you to the supporters for staying until 23 pm! ”

With reduced alignment, Phoenix seemed to lack energy in the third period, but was able to tap into his resources to maintain the pace until the end.

“Evan inspired us and gave us the strength to continue providing the second force, said Daniel Audette. It could have been our savior. We tried to limit errors being concentrated on the defensive while trying to take our chances. ”

“The guys were able to defend well despite the fatigue, stressed the coach Stéphane Julien. Evan’s only 18 and he was able to keep us in the game facing 76 shots. Kay and Hugo Roy Schweri have even failed to give us the victory. For cons, the series is now 3-1 for the Cataractes. ”

A dominant keeper

For the first time in this series, the Cataractes took the lead in the first period. Alexis D’Aoust took advantage of a rare presence of the third and final Sherbrooke trio beat five opponents speed and thwart the Fitzpatrick on.

In the second period, Carl Neill was the first of his family to score so to allow his troops to retreat to the locker room with a 1-1 mark.

While a melee broke out in goal Philippe Cadorette, Nicolas Poulin pushed the puck into the cage Cataractes, giving hope to the Birds.

But Alexis D’Aoust has once again back of the net while the Phoenix seemed exhausted with ten minutes to play the game.

The Sherbrooke guard still managed to force an overtime. And even a second overtime period, as he blocked 25 shots he at the first extra, against only four for Cadorette.

Girard steals the show

Despite having only 16 players, Phoenix seemed to find his second wind and followed the pace while rivals trailed the leg despite full alignment.

Samuel Girard, however, played the hero ending the debate with a low shot from the blue line after returning to the game in overtime after a facial injury.

Bouchard praised his star defender: “It’s a character guy. Look what he did in the last match of the year. He was offered to take leave, he refused and he paid a five-point evening! It’s the kind of guy who likes to make a difference. It is sure that this goal has relieved us. You look at the number of throws, I think it’s pretty clear we deserved the game. ”

The two teams will meet Friday night at Gervais Auto Centre on the occasion of the fifth and possibly final game of the series.

“If Evan tended goal like he did tonight, we have good chances to win Friday,” believes Carl Neill.

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