Five-year recovery plan at Cegep

sherbrooke-adopte-planIn order to meet the demand of Quebec, Cégep de Sherbrooke adopted a five-year recovery plan to recover a $ minimally million. Various measures are in place to achieve this.

Among them, a portion of the budget that was paid to support teachers who are doing research will not be used for this purpose.

The amounts allowed in particular to reach a little time for teachers who are active in the research community. What might be the impact? In the eyes of the Director General of Cégep de Sherbrooke Marie-France Bélanger, it may be more difficult to support research professors emerging.

Part of the money will be recovered from the students.

As recently reported on our pages, the bill for students will increase to about $ 30 from the next session to allow the establishment to seek about $ 350,000.

“It abolishes another management position,” also lists Ms. Bélanger.

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Asked about further job cuts, Ms. Belanger notes that there will be massive suppression. In recent years, about 37 jobs were cut. In addition, employees have job security, she said.

The College should thus absorb a “structural deficit” and debt that could accumulate in the coming months.

The institution has adopted a budget deficit in September of about $ 971,000 for the fiscal year. According to the latest budget revision, the deficit for the year 2015-2016 could further rotate around $ 650,000.

“One of the reasons we went there, when we had one-time cuts, we reduced the fund balance. It remains that between May 2015 and May 2016, over a period of 12 months, we had three cuts (recurring) representing $ two million in total. ”

The recovery plan was adopted Wednesday by the Board of Directors.

“There are provincial and federal budget contain measures which can help us,” said Ms. Bélanger. However, it is too early to know exactly what impact this will have.

Recall that due to the difficult budgetary context, the institution had asked Quebec financial assistance for CEREFS, a research and simulation training in the field of health.

“What we learned in the last budget, there are funds to purchase simulator mannequins. How are you articulate? We should get help for the capital budget. “However, it is the operating budget CEREFS that the institution would need financial backing.

Moreover, the institution will receive approximately $ 375,000 annually for five years to support students with disabilities. “We are still waiting for clarification to confirm how we will use the resources.”

The Union is concerned

The union of teachers Cégep de Sherbrooke (SPECS) is concerned about the adoption of the recovery plan by the management of the institution.

“The situation in which we find ourselves, it is denounced for years. It reiterates that it is the fault of the government that refuses to adequately subsidize the educational system, even in light of the recent budget which he said that education is a priority. This is not the case, “says the president of the SPECS, Steve McKay.

Steve McKay said particularly concerned that students are greatly put to use with the increase in their bill this fall.

The approximately $ 350,000 which will be recovered in this way represent “the lion’s share,” notes Steve McKay. He recalled that several economy measures already touched the students, as the decrease in the budget allocated to student mobility.

To him, all this shows how the mission of the institution becomes more and more difficult to accomplish. “The increase in fees for students, it is not nothing,” says the president of SPECS.

Steve McKay is also concerned about possible effects of the willingness of management to ensure student retention and increased recruitment from the perspective of financing. “We should not only economic imperatives leads to pressure for success,” he says, adding at the same time that management argued that this is not his intention. “If to maximize the number of people is reduced standards, I do not think this is positive. ”

The SPECS closely following the case of financial assistance to students with disabilities. The terms of use are not yet known, but the union body says have fears because of echoes that emerged in the use of aid. “There may be a change in the vision and the use we can make of it. “The College is to receive $ 375,000 annually for five years in connection with this aid, which is linked to a letter of agreement with the teachers. At the provincial level, this represents a sum of $ 10 million.

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