Flash sales shared bread

-partage-retour-pourSome 4,000 volunteers will hand to the dough Friday, March 25 from 9 am to noon and walk the streets of the Eastern Townships to sell 52,000 loaves of bread under the traditional Campaign shared bread.

Back for its 54th year, the Campaign seeks to raise $ 230,000 in just a few hours. In addition to volunteers, the organization can count on the support of the Fusiliers de Sherbrooke, who held kiosks, 9 am 30-14 pm, in a multitude of shopping malls. The common goal: the fight against poverty and social injustice in the Eastern Townships.

“Poverty is a recurring phenomenon that is growing every year with government cuts in some organizations find themselves with less money. So they come to Caritas ask for money. Year after year, there are new ones that are added to the list. We are limited, sometimes we can not help some agencies for lack of money, “said Yvon Couture, CEO of Caritas Estrie.

All proceeds will be distributed to 180 agencies supported by Caritas Estrie who are involved with the impoverished people in the Eastern Townships. In the list are among other Moisson Estrie, Recreation Acti-Famille de Deauville, Magog sharing Carrefour and Estrie Help.

“This is a very important day of the campaign Friday. I encourage all Estriens to procure bread. Caritas is helping our community organizations then must answer their call. Every donation is important, for talking to organizations receiving these gifts is a support that is significant, “Luc Fortin, Honorary President of the event and Minister responsible for the Estrie region.

Georges Bertrand and bakeries prepared the bread for the occasion. The suggested donation is $ 5. The last year’s edition had raised $ 241,000.

Stage input to the Minister
first night for Luc Fortin Sunday at the 18th Gala of Quebec cinema.

Following a slight reshuffle of emergency, the member for Sherbrooke has increased from Minister Recreation and Sport to Minister of Culture and Communications in the space of a month.

“It was my first real public appearance as Minister responsible for Culture and Communications, I was well received by the people of the present cultural environment. Let’s say it’s a fine introduction and this opportunity allowed me to open many channels of communication with stakeholders. ”

The main person intends to tackle its new mandate as soon as possible, who had attended the former Culture Minister, Helen David, in some cases in the past.

“The priority is the renewal of cultural policy. Our policy in 1992. She has given many benefits to the cultural industry in Quebec. That said, a lot has changed since 1992, when it is not a question of throwing the baby out with the bath water, but there are things that need to be updated and this is wants to do. And to do that, we’ll do a tour of Quebec to take the pulse. It will be a real public consultation where we will be in listening mode and that consultation will begin in Sherbrooke on April 22. ”

He invites people and people from the community to come to share their opinion.

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