Flight MH17 London calls for the establishment of an international tribunal

boeing-777-malaysia-airlines-eteThe British government pleaded Friday for the establishment of an international tribunal to bring to justice those responsible for the crash of flight MH17, the Malaysian Boeing shot there a year to the day in eastern Ukraine .

“Justice must be done for the 298 innocent people who lost their lives. This requires an international tribunal, supported by a binding resolution for UN Member States to prosecute those responsible, “said in a statement the British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond, whose country is a permanent member of the Council of security.

“Any attempt to undermine this process would deprive individuals of the right to justice and should not be tolerated,” he added, repeating his “condolences to all those affected” by the tragedy, which has claimed the lives of 10 British nationals.

The Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines was shot July 17, 2014 in an area near the front line between the Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists. The crash killed all 298 passengers and crew members, including a majority of Dutch.

Shortly thereafter, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 2166 demanding that those responsible for this disaster “accountable and that all States cooperate fully.”

Malaysia, the Netherlands and other countries had already put forward the idea of ​​a court under the auspices of the UN, but this option was rejected as “cons-productive” by Russia, a permanent member of Security Council with a veto.

China, another permanent member, would support his side such jurisdiction if the 15 members of the Security Council agree, said last week citing a diplomatic source in the UN discussions.

Kiev and the West suspect pro-Russian separatists of using a surface to air missile BUK, supplied by Russia according to them, to shoot down civilian aircraft. Moscow has always categorically denied any involvement in the disaster, however pointing the finger at Ukrainian military.

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