Flooded for the second time in two months

demeurent-inexpliquesWhat was to be the most beautiful spring day so far was quickly marred Sunday morning for Rock Forest area residents who were victims of sewer backups for the second time in less than two months .

Between 7 pm and 8 am Sunday, the owners of three houses on the Bertrand-Fabi Blvd and on the street Chenier and Charny, saw their basements being flooded from two to five inches of dirty water.

“This is the eighth time that is flooded since 1978 and we are not in a flood zone! regrets, discouraged, Suzanne Audet. I have my truck. In 2008, we did everything redo the basement. I have the paper from the plumber as if everything was redone in good standing. And there, the water between the rejection of the washer!

We agree that these are sewers, no clean water … everything is still to be redone. I lost everything. ”

“There is not a storm this morning. There is no reason that it overflows. The City will increase the value of my property to $ 22,000 this year for no reason, but it does nothing to stop it from sinking. This is to understand nothing. One time, insurers will not want to protect us, “one that is still waiting to be compensated by the municipality to the incident of February.

In February, a water pumping station to overload the Bertrand-Fabi Blvd. caused by heavy rainfall had resulted in expulsions in a couple of houses in the neighborhood.

The water had accumulated in the basement of fifteen to twenty houses street Charny, Chénier and the Bertrand-Fabi Boulevard. Some homes had received one to two inches of water, while the level reached up to two feet in some places.

The Director of Urban Infrastructure and Environment for the City of Sherbrooke, Caroline Gravel, then accused the sumps to be blocked by snow, stressing that “such a situation in the summer would not have had the same effect because water would have gone into storm drains. ” She also added that it is a “type of situation that occurs in exceptional circumstances.”

It was impossible to contact the municipality Sunday. A city employee dispatched to the scene said not being able to explain why the pit was blocked this time.

“What’s frustrating is that it remains unexplained, opine Louis Philippe Beaucage, one of the residents affected a second time in two months. Does the city structures meet the need of the recent development in the area? The two close events prove that there is something that does not work. ”

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