Florentino Perez (Real Madrid): “Zinedine Zidane will stay with us all the life”

35fe8“How do you explain the success of Zidane as a coach, with a crown in the Champions League in May in his first season?
That did not surprise me. I was more surprised when he arrived as a player (in 2001, ed) and revolutionized Real Madrid. This time, it almost seemed normal. (…) It is someone who has perfectly integrated with this club and knows it at the fingertips. Its values correspond to those of Real Madrid and it is a love story, beautiful and eternal.

Having appointed in January is your best decision?
Last season, Zidane changed our lives. Besides the fact that he works a lot, he has this authority over the players, because he has been a great footballer. When he speaks with the players, he has the necessary recognition and authority. Within the Real Madrid squad, even if the players are all very good, it is not easy to manage them.

His contract ends in June 2018. Are you planning to extend it in the near future?
Zidane is eternal and he will remain with us all our lives. There is no problem, we know that he will stay here for life and when he wishes, we will extend it. But this is not a topic that concerns us, neither we nor Zidane. ”

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