Flu: Adults can get vaccinated in a pharmacy

uploded_qa90-1480413898The National Assembly reinstated Monday evening the possibility for pharmacists to carry out vaccinations against the flu for all adults. The measure provided for in the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS) for 2017 had been limited by the Senate.

During the reading of the text, MEPs foresee that the provision, aimed at improving immunization coverage in the country, could concern “any adult person”. It had been restricted by the Upper House only to persons benefiting from a health insurance voucher. An amendment from the government also came to write black and white that the pharmacists would be paid during this experimentation authorized for three years.

Doctors always opposed
For their part, the liberal doctors remain opposed to this delegation of tasks. In a recent communiqué, the CSMF (1) considered that “it is by developing prevention and public health missions of the treating physician (…) that it will be possible to improve immunization coverage”. “We need to refocus vaccination on the treating physician through consultations dedicated to prevention at targeted ages,” the union added.

The same goes for SML (2), to whom “inter-professionalization and coordination are dear”. But the union considers that “it is necessary rather to develop pharmacist-physician synergies, around prevention and screening, since this field is still virgin and that each actor can find there complementarity his place without disrupting the work of the other “. “COPD, Diabetes, asthma, obesity … pharmacists have a key role to patient and non-patient users, which need to be strengthened as a preventive measure! “Concludes the SML.

The tobacco tax reintroduced
During the debate on Monday evening, MEPs also reintroduced the taxation of tobacco suppliers which must yield 130 million euros, and which the Senate, majority of right-wing, had suppressed. After much discussion, they adopted an amendment by the government to ensure that a possible impact of the tax on producers is “homogeneous” so as not to penalize the smallest of them. The Secretary of State for Budget Christian Eckert, however, expressed doubts about the constitutionality of the measure.

In the end, the continuation of the examination of the text basically restored the original version of the Assembly and removed the provisions introduced by the senators. MEPs adopted the draft budget as a whole by a show of hands. The PLFSS 2017 will now return to the Senate this Thursday in new reading. But it is the National Assembly, with a socialist majority, that will have the last word.

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