The Food Drive colleges, become a tradition

derriere-guignolee-cegepsIt’s becoming a tradition more than 500 students from Cegep de Sherbrooke crisscross the city this week to collect food for Moisson Estrie. Since the beginning of this activity there four years, the equivalent of 10,000 grocery bags were collected. For the fifth edition next year, the Sherbrooke managers want to make the provincial event.

Last year, the initiative that brings together including teachers and students of the institution has raised more than $ 19,500 and the equivalent of more than 3,000 bags of groceries. This year, in total, approximately 600 people will attend the Spring Food Drive.

One of the professors responsible for this surge of solidarity, Keith Ethier-Delorme said that the organizers wish to implement particular event in Montreal, said he interviewed alongside philosophy professor Veronique Grenier. “Mesh CEGEPs and food banks, it’s a bit complicated. We will eventually get there. There is hope that it can function next year. ”

The event is not intended to replenish the shelves of Moisson Estrie, which are not filled at this time of the year. The teachers take the opportunity to talk with iniquity, among others.

“It gives them tools to establish their philosophical reflection on the responsibility of the state, collective responsibility,” commented Keith Ethier-Delorme.

In addition to collecting food and money, students also volunteer for the organization that radiates across the region of Sherbrooke in Lac-Mégantic.

Véronique Grenier said that the students went grocery shopping with people at Moisson Estrie. They were on a budget. “They found the trying experience,” says one who is also an author and blogger.

For the director of Moisson Estrie, Genevieve Cote, this spirit of solidarity comes in a slump. Genevieve Cote also want to emphasize his gratitude to the teachers, who add this whole organization to their course.

When Professor Jonathan Mayer had approached to organize the event, the director says she and her team were already thinking of organizing a food drive in midsummer. “It is generous at Christmas, but there are all the rest of the year …” “The cane will appreciate at least until the end of August, early September. ”

“We’re at full capacity for a year. We are limited in our space to accommodate additional requests, “says Genevieve Cote. Meanwhile, the needs are so great that the agency must review the scales to achieve assist the most needy. “We’re at capacity with 60 repairs a day. Taking emergencies through it. ”

“We have noticed in the last year increased only people,” she comments also citing aging people. “There are many cases of mental health with deinstitutionalization. The cuts are also beginning to feel the. People are more left to themselves. “She said that people who will not be at home can leave their bags of food outside at the food drive.

In addition, Keith Ethier-Delorme, who teaches in the philosophy department of the Cegep de Sherbrooke in nine years will become, as of April 25, the director of education and industry programs A.

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