For the first time, fewer than 800 million people suffer from hunger

population-afriqueThe number of people suffering from hunger in the world rose for the first time since that account, to below 800 million, a reduction of nearly a quarter in 25 years, according to FAO.

In its report on food insecurity in the world ( SOFI two thousand and fifteen ) released Wednesday, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that 795 million people are still living in malnutrition, a decrease 167 million over the last decade – they were 1 billion in 1990-1992 – with progress particularly strong in Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Sub-Saharan Africa however remains in the red with almost a quarter (23.2%) of its population in a state of undernourishment.

The organization also notes that more than half of developing countries (72 of 129) reached the Millennium Development Goal, set in 2000 in New York, to reduce hunger by half over 15 years. “Some have even missed very little,” she says.

In total, the number of people suffering from hunger has fallen by 167 million over the last decade, despite a continued increase in population with 1.9 billion more humans since 1990, she notes.

However, FAO warns against the duration and persistence of circumstances that hinder the fight against hunger: in 30 years, crises, formerly “catastrophic brief but highly visible, drag today especially length natural disasters and conflicts, climate change, financial crises or crises on prices act as aggravating factors. ”

“Hunger in countries with this kind of situation is three times higher than elsewhere. In 2012, about 366 million people lived in this type of context, which 129 million were undernourished – 19% of the hungry “on the planet.

The FAO and other UN agencies concerned, such as the World Food Programme (WFP), frequently warn on food insecurity in the affected countries of Syria and Iraq conflicts, but also the situation in Mali, Yemen, Central , Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

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