Ford F-150: the audacity she always ends up paying?

ford-f-150The air of nothing, the Ford F-150 finished fourth among the most vehicles sold in Quebec in 2014. The American pickup truck was only then overtaken by a compact car trio.

If there are long as you have not taken place in a pick-up, you will be pleasantly surprised by the F Series, which is not hardy. The doors open onto a carefully crafted environment. Bucket properly carved, commanding driving position, statement of sturdy board, full instrumentation and well-placed controls, this van we discover, as the kilometers, a cabin is modern, friendly and comfortable for five people.

But the interest of a pickup truck, is not it his bucket? That of the F-150 promises to be more welcoming than the competition because of its more high sides and tailgate light enough so it does not fall on the rear bumper like a ton of bricks. Moreover, it is possible to open, lock and unlock the remote beating. It is also thanks to compartmentalize all of scholarly options that are in the catalog.

The horror or beauty, it depends, the wonderful world of the truck is the possibility to make an almost custom build. Unless you look for something to occupy your summer evenings or know exactly what you want, there is a good chance that you acquire that which is on the grounds of the dealer of your choice.

To be frank, it is impossible to review all the combinations offered by the F Series, let alone to make a definitive judgment on each one given the many options available. At the risk of cutting short, let’s say the 5 L V8 remains the best solution for towing and the 2.7L Ecoboost than enough to carry all the equipment that you used to buy the weekend in hardware stores Hypermarket.

More massive than its predecessor, the F-150 has a dominant position in all that surrounds and moves with as much discretion as good luxury sedan. Besides silence working, it also retains the presence of a specific direction and reads with some acuity undulations of the road. The rigidity of the chassis is no doubt any more that the lack of flexibility of its suspensory elements. Pleasant in daily use, the F-150 displays a behavior quite civilized. Finally, braking side, the F-150 comes to rest within a reasonable distance, and more resistant to heating.

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