Forest Festival Shipshaw: park project on the former site

transformer-terrain-centreThe Land Centre multiservice in Shipshaw, where stood the Forest Festival before the last two editions will be canceled, will be landscaped from the fall in cost of approximately $ 100,000 for the first phase.

This investment, made possible by a budget of Jonquière, including water games and fun markings on the floor. The projection made for the City of Saguenay, one can see a permanent marquee, game modules, a “multi-activity” space, a course for skateboarding, picnic tables, bocce courts and basketball, and a large parking are also planned for a total of several hundred thousand dollars depending Councillor Julie Dufour sector.

“All the people involved in the district were consulted, they could send their comments and needs,” she says. If the organization Forest Festival is requesting a new edition, it should not be a problem either, believes Ms. Dufour. “There is still a board, it is not dead.” The car will be used in particular.

The event saw difficulties since it was revealed that former city councilor Fabien Hovington and former communications adviser of Mayor Jean Tremblay, Pierre Guillot, participated in a trip to Nice for the festival.

“We pause for now, says one who assumed the role of president of the organization when the scandal was revealed, Yvon Barrette. We watched the plane to the park and we do not think it bothers. It would still be able to use it. Anyway, it will take several years before the development is completed. ”

Mr. Barrette indicates that legal proceedings are still ongoing and that it can not move forward on the future of the Forest Festival. “We’re not there yet.”

Julie Dufour ensures that the park is an important element for the area, being located just minutes walk from the elementary school Bois-Joli. “It’ll be an interesting outlet for young people, organizations will be able to hold their activities outside the place, there may be performances … Also, the circuit for skateboarding will be a totally new type Saguenay . I have had many comments on it to be built sooner! ”

The project is part of a rejuvenation plan and diversification of the parks in Shipshaw.

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