Forestry: Legault wants to bet on weak dollar

caq-francois-legaultThe leader of the future Coalition Quebec (CAQ), François Legault, argues that the forest industry should take advantage of the low Canadian dollar to boost export of timber, and with the complicity of the Government of Quebec.

Visiting the Universite du Québec a Chicoutimi on Wednesday morning to say a company conference caquiste candidate Helene Girard, Mr. Legault believes that it is not normal that with a dollar to 76 cents, the industry has not regained most of its export levels and we did not put the investment levels needed to achieve it. According to him, we must encourage industry to invest more.

Inadequate incentives

He adds that in the last provincial budget, some incentives were announced to help the development of forest roads, but not enough, he said.

“It’s nice forest roads, but one must have modern factories in the same sector of the first transformation. “It is obvious that there would be work to do to increase our exports, he said, since the recovery of forest before the crisis was not caught.

Mr. Legault added that if he were prime minister he would go to the factories one by one to see how they can be helped. He noted that Canada faces a negative trade balance, contrary to what was going on there a dozen years, and it is time that action be taken to improve the situation.

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