Forever Gentlemen timeless

apres-tournee-mondialeThe curtain opens and reveals a band of a dozen musicians distributed on both sides of a central staircase. A golden rain sweeping backstage. Then appear Garou, Roch Voisine and Corneille, dressed in black and white suits sober, microphones in hand. The crowd rises.

After starting his world tour in Sherbrooke, the trio was making a homecoming, returning again to the cultural of the University of Sherbrooke Centre on Saturday night in front of 1,200 people.

Little has changed since the fall, singers reinvent their way and revive the classic timelessness punctuating the first of a handful of jokes. The public response is fierce. Quite often, the crowd recognized the songs from the first notes and applause are heard before the first words. Successes such as Smile, I’ve Got a Woman and New York City have done fold the seats.

Despite his deployment, the show quickly took an intimate turn. Visibly happy to be back among his people, Garou took advantage of a Roch Voisine to go solo waltz with her mother in the audience, touching moment of the evening.

“It was always eager to see it, they seemed to get along and have fun. That is the songs of our time, it makes us nostalgic, especially since this is our son who sings “explain Garou’s parents, Carmen and Irenaeus Garand.

“I remember how we swingait in the holiday season, it played music, sang it, it played the accordion, the devil was in the cabin,” rehashing Gervaise Garand.

“You’re perfect, you’re like over time. If we’re back in Sherbrooke, thanks to you. This is a beautiful place, it’s reveler in Sherbrooke, “said Garou between songs, to the delight of spectators.

53 candles for Roch Voisine

It was also festive evening for Roch Voisine who celebrated his 53rd birthday, that his followers were quick to emphasize.

In relay or trio, singers have exchanged timeless classics that take us sometimes on the Las Vegas Strip, sometimes on the Brooklyn Bridge.

“It’s a great show. The atmosphere is good, there is no dead time, the three have a great relationship, “pointing Christina Morin and Patrick Mignault.

“I find that the term gentlemen dresses perfectly. I met them early in their career, and even after their individual careers of many years they still are. I think they make the songs very well. They make a nice gift in Quebec, it takes us back in time, “adds Carole Lawrence who rubbed the three singers in the past as part of its work makeup artist.

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