Former Deputy Premier Nathalie Normandeau was reportedly arrested by UPAC

premiere-ministre-quebecThe Unite permanente anticorruption (UPC) have this morning arrested the former Liberal minister and host of the FM 93 Nathalie Normandeau, and other representatives of the PLQ and the PQ.

UPAC must hold a press conference today to disclose more information about its raid. But according to La Presse, Ms. Normandeau is among those who were arrested, along with his former chief of staff Bruno Lortie and the former minister and organizer Marc-Yvan Côté.

In all, seven or eight people were arrested in the Greater Quebec City, Montreal and Charlevoix, in La Presse. plot leaders, fraud, breach of trust and bribery of officials weigh on the people involved.


Note that the testimony of Nathalie Normandeau before the commission of inquiry into the construction industry was not believed by the commissioners France Charbonneau and Renaud Lachance. According to them, Ms. Normandeau knew that focusing on projects in some municipalities as Minister, it favored a firm involved in its own political fundraising.

“My political engagement We came pervert”, she defended by pleading ignorance and rejecting any responsibility. According to the commissioners, Ms. Normandeau “could not ignore” the privileged projects with discretion “would be made by Roche”.

A blow

This is a great shot that hits the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC). The current member Germain Chevarie would also be on the list of arrested persons.

This crackdown is made in connection with the investigation and Yoke Ivy initiated in 2014. They include suspicions of embezzlement, bribery, fraud and illegal funding.

At the time, it was known that the current member of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Germain Chevarie and former MNA for Bonaventure and former Deputy Premier of Quebec, Nathalie Normandeau were covered by the survey.

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