On the former locked-out workers would leave the CSD to join an FTQ union

depuis-quelques-semainesThe Democratic Union of garage employees Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean affiliated with the CSD risks losing fifty members. Four workers of the 25 garages involved in the 33-month lockout filed a certification application to move into the ranks of the Union of Quebec service operators, better known as the Local 791 affiliate heavy equipment operators FTQ.

Rumors were already circulating for some weeks wanting that workers would contact trade union confederations because of dissatisfaction surrounding the repayment of loans made during the conflict. Right now, every worker returned to work to pay $ 178 per week for a period of six years. This requirement has led some to retire.

The applications were submitted to the Quebec Labour Relations Commission for Rocoto Toyota, Toyota Alma, Leo Automobile and Automotive SG Roberval, which means that accreditation certificates were valid for each place of business. According to information confirmed by the union advisor Yves Imbeault FTQ on Radio-Canada, the CSD failed to make the official repository of the collective agreements the Ministry of Labour.


Normally, there are two periods of poaching for trade unions. The first opens a number of days before the end of the collective agreement and closes automatically at maturity. A new period opens after a prescribed period and this period remains open until the union filed a new collective agreement at the Ministry of Labour.

Everything indicates that the union found that the collective agreement had not been submitted to the Ministry. They had only to sign cards to deposit the petition. It remains to the commission to decide whether the union membership change process complies with the law before confirming the accreditation change.

The acting president of the Democratic Union of garage employees Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Gaétan Tremblay, told the Daily that the collective agreement was filed with the Department of Labor last week. However, he refused to go further on the situation in each of the bargaining units grouped under the umbrella of the regional union.

General Assembly

“We will hold a general meeting Saturday morning to make the point with our members. We will later explain the situation, “said the acting president who is employed by Duchesne Auto Alma, a dealer who refused to participate in the lockout.

It remains to know if the four certification applications that were received on 8 April by the commission ahead of the official filing date of the collective agreement the Ministry of Labour.

The Democratic Union of garage employees Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is fragile with this union certification change deal. In addition, other large unions confirmed to Daily receiving calls from members of the union who are dissatisfied with the Regulation and especially the strategy of borrowing leaving them with a large debt.

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