Former Omer DeSerres mind in Saint-Roch

comite-citoyen-saint-roch-inquiete(Quebec) Citizens Committee of St. Roch greatly wondered about the fate of a half-demolished building owned by GM Development, at the corner of Caron and St. Helena streets. Besides squatting taking place there and the humidity odor attached to it, especially the neighbors are very ugly and are asking the city to intervene.

The building, which previously housed an Omer DeSerres, opposite the parking Dorchester, was acquired by GM Development there are already several years. The developer wants to use the land to build a 11-story condominium building, a project presented in 2013, but that does not seem to have advanced since the unveiling of the plans.

Part of the old building was demolished in haste on April 3. In the opinion of the promoter, this portion was becoming dangerous to public safety, bricks threatening to fall to the ground. Since the passage of the shovels it four months ago, nothing has changed, now denounces citizen Committee of Saint-Roch.

Bad smell and squatters

“It lagging that case,” lamented David Gagnon, Committee member. “It smells damp. When it is hot and humid, there is no wind, the smell empire. That’s a problem, “he reported after gathering feedback from people living nearby. Some days the smell can get a quadrilateral further.

Mr. Gagnon insists that the quality of life of citizens living in adjacent buildings is affected. “There are people who lives there! It’s ugly, it’s not nice to live next to something like this “” The question that residents are asking is:. “Does this be tolerated in Sillery?” I do not think so.”

These citizens urging the City of Quebec to act. Mr. Gagnon believes that if she had wanted to, the city administration could have done long ago. He suggests that the city is fearful to intervene with such an important development that GM promoter.

To add to their impatience, neighbors have also noticed that with good weather, many people decide to get behind the fences for a walk in the disused building. Graffiti are visible everywhere and, according to Mr. Gagnon, some frequent the place to use drugs or to squat.

Solidified fences

Informed of the situation, the City of Quebec, who said they had received no complaints about this property, joined the company Friday afternoon to remind him of his obligations. Moments later, the passage of the Sun at the scene, a GM Development maintenance employee was busy securing fences. Wire was wound to solidify the joints.

After having been refused, The Sun was finally able to talk to the co-chair of GM Development, Jean Campeau. This ensured that all means will be taken to solve the problem of squatting and access to the site, according to the regulations of the City of Quebec. He added in passing that these introductory problems on his property seemed relatively new. “We’ll handle it.”

Regarding the future of the building as such, Mr. Campeau said the company was waiting for the results of analyzes of the structure. Asbestos may be in the concrete of the part still standing. GM Development will then decide if it placards or if it demolishes the rest of the building.

The real estate project of 11 floors and 37 units remains relevant, has he also said. “We expect the PPU [special planning program] Downtown.” The PPU will be subject to public consultation in September, which means even months of time before application. Mr. Campeau said that the will of the company was to offer the best possible environment for the residents of Saint-Roch.

In Quebec City, a spokesman said it was impossible to impose demolition. The regulations limit the fencing.

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