Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, died

ford-mai-dernierRob Ford, a man simultaneously adored by his followers and hated by his opponents during his tenure marred by scandals that made him infamous around the world, has died.

The former mayor of Toronto, Canada’s largest city, has died of cancer 18 months after the doctors had discovered a malignant tumor the size of a softball in her abdomen. He was 46 years old.

Diagnosis, fell in September 2014 occurred less than a year after Mr. Ford was admitted to smoking crack cocaine when he was drunk. He was then forced to cancel his candidacy for another term as mayor and settle for a candidacy councilor in his constituency west of the city.

Elected anyway

He won despite three years in office marked by scandals including insults face visible minorities, public insinuations about her sex life besides having admitted after months of denial, that he had used crack and abused the alcohol.

Those who knew Mr. Ford describe a man for whom loyalty to friends and family was as unwavering as the support he received from the “Ford Nation”, a group of voters inspired by his personality both hard and Simple to which they could identify.

This loyalty was mutual. His family remained by his side despite the scandals, and later, during the dark days of his illness. A significant number of voters has also continued to support the “Ford Nation”.

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