France is heavily bombed the stronghold of the Islamic State

france-dispose-respectivement-six-rafaleTen French fighter-bombers dropped 20 bombs Sunday evening on the organization Islamic state fief (EI) to Raqa, in northern Syria, destroying a command post and a training camp, announced the French Ministry of Defense.

“The first objective was destroyed uses Daech (acronym in Arabic EI) as a command post, jihadist recruitment center and armory and ammunition. The second objective was home to a terrorist training camp, “detailed the ministry in a statement.

Twelve aircraft, including ten hunters were engaged simultaneously from the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. The France respectively has six six Rafale and Mirage 2000 in both countries.

“Planned on sites previously identified during reconnaissance missions conducted by France, the operation was conducted in coordination with US forces,” the ministry said.

The EI claimed Saturday the wave of attacks Friday night in Paris, which left at least 129 dead and over 350 injured.

French President Francois Hollande warned Saturday that his country would be “ruthless” on all fronts, inside and outside, after the attacks he described “an act of war.”

Sunday night strikes are not commensurate with the previous four French raids, which mobilized much less hunters and had targeted sites more south to Syria in Deir Ezzor.

France, which participates in a year in the international coalition against IE in Iraq, decided in September to expand its operations in Syria. She claims to have retained its autonomy of decision in the choice of targets in this country when it is fully involved in the international coalition in Iraq led by Washington.

The first French strikes in Syria in September had targeted two training centers suceptibles jihadists to carry out attacks in Europe. The targets were then extended to oil sites operated by EI and Sunday in a command post.

France, which wants to intensify its operations in Syria, will be eligible, in addition to the information gathered by its own reconnaissance planes last month, increased cooperation with the Americans in this regard.

The French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and US President Ashton Carter agreed Sunday to increase intelligence sharing in a telephone interview.

“We work for the intensification of strikes,” Did we stressed in the entourage of Mr. Le Drian.

“On this ground, we advance well thanks to reconnaissance patrols (French) that muliplient and by opening more and more clear to our American friends,” was it added, speaking of a “turning point “since the attacks.

For two days, the work is “much more nourished” with the United States to identify targets, do we continued, noting that “certrain number of misunderstandings” have dissipated.

France will also deploy in December the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in the Gulf who with 24 aircraft aboard, will triple its capacity to strike. It continues however to exclude any military intervention on the ground.

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