Francyne T. Gobeil does not fear an effect Normandeau

dubuc-serge-simard-premierThe candidate of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) to the election in Chicoutimi Francyne T. Gobeil, does not believe that the arrest of former Deputy Premier Nathalie Normandeau, the Unité permanente anticorruption ( UPAC), could harm his chances of being elected.

Accompanied by Prime Minister Philippe Couillard during a visit at Pro-Sag Mechanics, Ms. Gobeil stated that voters will make the difference between Mrs. Normandeau and herself when it is time to put a cross on their ballot. “Ms. Normandeau, that’s one thing, and me, it’s another. I have already been surveyed and excavated. With the political establishment with the mayor for 20 years, I do not think there is any problem. ”

Questioned in turn, Mr. Couillard noted that it is normal that questions be raised by adding in the same breath as them ways have changed in the PLQ before and since March 2013, when he became leader of the PLQ . He added that some of the answers raised will come from the courts while stating that Ms. Normandeau is still considered not guilty. He recalled that the events date back several years.

Good candidate

Mr. Couillard has touted its candidate stating that Ms. Gobeil knows the economic environment and the social fabric of the county Chicoutimi since, for 20 years, her work in the municipal world. He added that with this experience, it will ensure a good quality of representation in the National Assembly.

The passage of the applicant in a company an opportunity for her to make a profession of faith towards entrepreneurship, while stating that it is itself an entrepreneur. “I worked with them and if they have special needs, will be their voice in Quebec.”

Asked about the specific issues it intends to defend Chicoutimi, Ms. Gobeil has mentioned the need to wait pending the announcement of the program in a few days.

Financial aid

Earlier in the day, Mr. Couillard emphasized the efforts of organizations Escale Downtown Saint-Félicien and Saguenéens and Jeannois for human rights that have received financial support from 20 to $ 600.

These organizations are dedicated to defending the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender persons, victims of homophobia or transphobia.

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