Fraud and Collusion: Quebec offers a voluntary repayment program

administrateur-programme-nomme-gouvernementThe Government of Quebec has made public this morning his proposal for the establishment of a voluntary redemption program for amounts paid unduly as a result of fraud or collusion within the framework of public contracts.

If the project is accepted, it will be introduced the first November. So, law firms, accounting offices or architects, engineering firms, construction companies and all companies awarded contracts since 1996 with a municipality, a Crown corporation or department, for example, can make an offer of repayment.

These companies have one year to participate in the program and an additional twelve months to reach an agreement. All those who refused to take this path or that the negotiation was a failure may be prosecuted.

According to the program administrator appointed by the government, the former chief judge of the Superior Court François Rolland, this is an opportunity to “commercial rehabilitation” for companies wishing to move on.

“I am a strong believer of participatory justice,” said Mr. Rolland to act as mediator.

This program stems from the Act 26 adopted last March which allows the government to go back to October 1996 to obtain overpayments (20%). The process will be completely confidential.

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