Fraud EI: Ottawa must recover more than $ 100 million

delai-prescription-pour-recouvrement-sommesThe total amount fraudulently claimed from employment insurance has exceeded 100 million, but the federal government does not expect to recover the money anytime soon.

Figures released to The Canadian Press show that the recovery of sums wrongly claimed is increasingly pushed to next year, although the government seems more effective in detecting doubtful accounts.

The latest data available show that during the 2013-2014 fiscal year, which ended March 31, 2014, the department responsible for EI, Employment and Social Development Canada, saw the invoice Recovery reach almost $ 102.7 million.

The government aims to recover this amount over the next six years.

By comparison, in 2007-2008, the value of fraudulent claims which had to be recovered amounted to just under $ 25.3 million.

Neither the Ministry nor the office of the Federal Minister of Employment and Social Development, Pierre Poilievre, have explained why the collection efforts of these sums were increasingly pushed over the long term.

“Our Conservative government will not apologize to ensure that taxpayers’ money is treated with respect,” Minister Poilievre said in a written statement, ensuring that his party “is committed to keeping rates ‘lower tax for Canadians, which means to recover the funds when they are unjustly claimed “.

The longer the sums claimed fraudulently remain uncollected, the more likely it is that the government should abandon recover millions of dollars mistakenly distributed to Canadians and others because they will be dead or have gone bankrupt.

The limitation period for the recovery of sums fraudulently claimed from EI is 72 months.

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