It fraud an octogenarian who had fallen in love with him

peine-100-heures-travauxGuy Lapointe, 51, of Sherbrooke, settled its accounts with justice after defrauding an elder of 84 years for several hundred dollars.

In imposing sentence of 100 hours of community service and repayment of $ 1,000 to the victim Wednesday at the courthouse in Sherbrooke, Conrad Chapdelaine judge of the Quebec Court mentioned that the crime was “shocking”.

Lawyers in Jean Leblanc back in defense and Nathalie Robidoux for the Crown suggested to impose this penalty as part of a suspended sentence.

“If there was no reimbursement to the victim, it is certain that I would not have followed the joint submission of counsel. Society can not tolerate the crimes with older persons who are vulnerable, “said Chapdelaine the judge imposing the sentence.

Lapointe abused the kindness of this lady for several months. Guy Lapointe knew the son of the victim. If he went to her home to help, he also took the opportunity to extort money from him on several occasions.

On 29 September 2014, Lapointe was filmed by surveillance cameras from an ATM when he made five withdrawals for a total of $ 530. Over the months, Lapointe had managed to obtain the personal identification number (PIN) of the elderly lady who had fallen in love with one who seemed to be a good Samaritan.

In the account of the facts before the court, the lawyers explained that the amount was probably much greater than the withdrawal of September 2014, but they agreed on a total fraud of $ 1000.

The accused has certain judicial records in different subjects including drugs, breaking and entering, assault and driving while impaired.

The father of Guy Lapointe will advance him the money to repay the victim of 84 years. The judge has given a deadline of six months the accused to perform the community service.

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