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travail-lilianeThis is a topic that generally addresses not front. Without being a big taboo, body image and self-esteem of adolescents are often family conversations menu. It is even less common to make the core of a choreography. Liliane St-Arnaud had flair. Fingering. Many sensitivity, too. Behind me, his most recent show, deals with the theme with great efficiency, but not too heavy.

Throughout the work danced, we feel the weight of this self image sometimes lugs around like a ball. This image that sticks to our skin and which was often difficult to undo. This picture that emerges through a distorting mirror. This image that we return the gaze weighing of others, as young adults. This image which, because it does not meet the standards, sometimes creates storms in the body and the heart and the head.

I exaggerate? Not really. From the outset, the choreographer and artistic director of Dance Axile puts cards on the table and cites this statistic disturbing: 60 percent of young people are dissatisfied with their body image. She was able to verify the data in the field, she met with school classes to feed its thinking and approach. It also gives them the floor a few times by projecting widescreen their testimonies. They then reveal much, voice tone reading of the work it proposes. This is unfortunate: sound recording (? Or volume) does not capture all of their talk.

In various tables, a cleverly chosen music and light in simple games, but effective, performers Annie Deslongchamps Amelie Choquette Lemay, Catherine Soucy and Zoe Hockhoussen express movement that youth have generously revealed. The pressure to correspond to the dictates of beauty and “fitter” in the framework is clearly named, clearly shown. perception of gaming, manipulated image, the sport practiced beyond the balance, the desire to take a different skin than his, to remove the flesh judged too, to beef up the biceps and widen still hungry: all that is evoked. With delicacy.

Testimonials and amalgamated choreography produce their effect. I remember that comment from a young city and in the show “the most difficult is to be able to talk and confide in.” Go see a creation like that, already, it is a first step to break the ice. And initiate conversation.

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Axile dance

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Quebecor Centre (135 Don Bosco Street North)

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