Friendships will stay in the cloakroom

hugo-carpentierFriendships remain the dressing room to make way for the good old rivalry in the semifinal round of the North American Hockey League who oppose the Marquis of Jonquiere in Sorel-Tracy Eperviers from Friday at the Sports Palace.

Captain jonquieroise training, Hugo Carpentier’s teammate was some of the old Marquis who now line up with the Hawks, including Dominic Leveille part of his “good buddies”. In addition, Sorel-Tracy is the team that has led Frank Breault for three years before resuming service at the helm of the Marquis end of the season.

“Playing against the old team of our coach is always special and it sure is special to play against buddies” agrees Carpentier who intends to make the Marquis win the second round. But the # 28 is aware that this will not be an easy task, as both clubs know each other well. “This is the same group from one end. Even if they have any additions (Vincent) Couture, (Kevin) Gadoury and (David) Rose, the large core of the team, we know it well. Several players past editions are still there and to hear them talk (in comments at the end of their series), we do not like them and they do not like us, “says Hugo Carpentier referring to what Adam Bourque Jonquière also said that “a good team the same mold as Thetford Mines” they eliminated in six games.

That said, the Marquis had the psychological advantage. “We played twice against them in the playoffs in recent years, once the final and semi-final and that’s two times we beat them. Them, sure they want to fight and they have the heart, “says the captain, however, expects a tough series.

“Sorel has always been a tough team to play physically. It really should not take lightly. It is a robust team who finishes his hits and that is always at full speed. We must not forget that this is not the same team we encountered during the season, says Hugo Carpentier. The Hawks have a good first line. (Dominic) Leveille and (Marco) Charpentier were on the front line when they were playing with us. These are not the two of spades. And they added (David) Rose (who arrives from McGill University) who was super nice series. They also went searching (Karel) St. Lawrence in goal; it is a big man who can make the difference in a game and it seems he is on fire right now. ”

But the Marquis finished first in the standings and remain the team to beat in the Godin circuit. “We’re the team to beat. And so I think we have the team to win the cup again this year tranche Captain Carpentier with conviction. If we lose this series, it would be a huge disappointment for the players, the owners and the entire organization. But I do not see us stop playing the next two to three weeks. ”

Friday, Benoit Gratton and Carpentier will be back in top form to support jonquiéroise offensive. The captain particularly hungry to play, he was kept out of the game for three of the four games against Cornwall. “I’m back in action Friday at 100% and I have the bit between his teeth. I did not play last weekend against Cornwall, but being in the final, I would have played. But we saw that if we beat them in four, I have two weeks to rest. We took the decision with management and it was a good decision, “he said.

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